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Dryflow Dritap Hand Dryer

A high speed hand dryer that is hidden below deck with only the spout affixed to the wash basin, which creates a new clutter free washroom experience. Users can dry their hands right after they wash then. Tap also simplifies the cleaning process because all water goes into the basin. Tap is ideal for construction projects. Designers can customize the spout to match any washroom.

Applications: Wash basin, Bars, Cinema/Theatre, Hotel, Leisure Centres, limited space washrooms, Medium use (101 to 300 uses per day), Museum, Office, Public Toilet, Pubs, Restaurant, Retail Outlet, Spa & Wellness.

Features and benefits:

  • Deck opening: Ø 35 mm.
  • Rated power: 1 KW (only 0.3w in standby).
  • Intelligent temperature control.
  • Adjustable power, sound and sensor.
  • Three safety protections.
  • Smart air outlet design.
  • Gradient LED light.
  • Carbon filter.

DryFlow Elite MkII Hand Dryer

  • Astonishing motor life - 2.7 million cycles; 10-20 times more than other leading hand dryer brands.
  • Reduced noise hand dryer - 70 dB(A) in use in normal conditions – ideal for schools, offices, cinemas, hotels, conference areas etc. where noise may be a concern – Quiet Mark approved.
  • Energy efficient - rated power of just 1 kW; equating to 6.11 W per dry costing around 73p per 1000 dries.
  • Extremely slim unit, just 10cm deep! – Dimensions are W258 mm x H350 mm x D100 mm.
  • Very light at just 3.4 Kg.
  • Respectable dry times of 22 seconds (In house tested).
  • Peace of mind guarantee – 5 years.
  • CE approved.
  • Available in polished chrome or white.
  • IP23.

Dryflow Vapordri Hand Dryer

  • Universal brushed motor, suitable for high traffic locations with a life of 4200 hours, Produces a 335 MPH (30,000 rpm) airspeed, creating in house tested 11 seconds’ dry times.
  • Energy consumption of the motor is 1kW.
  • Main heater element is 0.5kW.
  • Total rated power of 1.5kW, however unit will be working at 1kW in most locations as main heater element only activates in washroom temperatures lower than 25oC.
  • Casing is made of antibacterial ABS with the plastic injected with silver ions for enhanced hygiene.
  • H14 HEPA filter included as standard and has been tested to remove > 99,5% microbes.
  • Sound is a low 65.6db from 2M with results provided by the Technical University of Valencia.
  • The unit has a 500ml drainage tank which collects the excess water from hand drying. The drainage tank is easily accessible from the bottom of the dryer for servicing.
  • A luminous display system notifies of when the HEPA filter needs changing, when the water tray is full and when the brushes need changing.
  • Sensor can be regulated to increase or decrease sensitivity.

Dryflow® Dri-Tap

High speed hand dryer that can be hidden below deck and behind walls with only the spout visible.

G-Force Mark II Hand Dryer

  • Fast dry times of around 12-15 seconds.
  • Energy efficient - rated power between 0.42-1.1 kW; without the heater element engaged via a concealed on/ off switch.
  • Plug-in system phased installation for quick and easy fitting and maintenance.
  • 3 years guarantee.
  • Long life motor - capable of withstanding up to 500 uses per day (high traffic).
  • Cutomisable noise and energy levels to suit your needs and location.
    Vandal resistant - comes with a number of anti-vandal features.
  • CE, UL, cUL, DV-GS, RoHS and Greenspec approved.
  • Available in polished chrome, brushed satin or white.
  • IP23.

Showing 1-36 of 56