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D-Flow Hand Dryer

An innovative new ‘blade’ style hand dryer manufactured in Europe. Exceptionally well designed, it provides energy efficiency and fast dry times at relatively low noise levels.

Dryflow® Dri-Tap Hand Dryer

A high speed hand dryer that is hidden below deck with only the spout affixed to the wash basin, which creates a new clutter free washroom experience.

Dryflow® Elite Mk2 Hand Dryer

Stunning looking hand dryer perfect for contemporary and stylish environments that need a quiet but effective hand dryer. Suitable for a range of low to extreme traffic (500 + uses per day).

Dryflow® G-Force Mk2 Hand Dryer

Fast dry times of around 12-15 seconds. Energy efficient. Plug-in system phased installation for quick and easy fitting and maintenance.

Dryflow® Stealthforce® Plus Hand Dryer

A dual ‘blade’ airflow hand dryer with integrated UV-C and HEPA air filtration. Very energy efficient, using an intelligent heat system. Will comfortably withstand 500+ uses per day (brushless motor).

Dryflow® Tri-Jet Hand Dryer

High velocity airflow and quick dry times. Microban antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew in all water collection areas.

Dryflow® Turboforce® Hand Dryer

Real 12 second dry time, 5 year guarantee, extremely energy efficient. Heavily specified in large public and commercial buildings. Designed for low to high traffic use (500+ uses per day).

Dryflow® Vapordri Hand Dryer

One of the smallest blade style hand dryers available – 540 x 320 x 180 mm. No need for water tray emptying – patented system automatically evaporates the water deposited inside the hand dryer.

Dryflow® Viper Hand Dryer

2 angled blades of air dry the hands simultaneously. Customisable settings for increased energy efficiency and reduced noise levels.

Showing 1-36 of 50