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'Mini Shard' Requires Roof Terrace Waterproofing for Spectacular Views

The building will feature natural light and outstanding views throughout, naturally-ventilated winter gardens on floors 3-12 and a landscaped roof terrace with spectacular views of London. IKO Permatec Hot Melt system was specified for the plant area and roof terrace spaces.

1,000m2 Ecological, Air Purifying Roofing

In using IKO Carrara, the college will be neutralising on average, the emissions from up to 6 diesel cars each year. The addition of a darker coloured walkway across the roof falls means it is much easier to stay safe on top of the building when inspections and maintenance are required, while also preventing any water being trapped behind the laps.

1,000m2 Ecological, Air Purifying Roofing Refurbishment for a Library

Dublin City Council were particularly interested in IKO Carrara’s exceptional environmental properties with its view to adding photovoltaic panels (PV) to the existing building. PV panels in combination with IKO Carrara have greater efficiency, up to 25%, as the performance of the solar cells increases during sunny periods, at a lower ambient temperature.

180 Tonnes of IKO Permaphalt used in the Regeneration of Folkestone Seafront

The harbour arm was built in 1897 for the South Eastern Railway Company to connect trains with ships, originally for tourism but absolutely invaluable in the Great War, when men, horses and supplies left from here. Needing refurbishment as part of the overall major regeneration of Folkestone, the harbour arm’s mastic asphalt covering to the upper and lower levels was completely replaced over a period of three years in a series of packages for the Folkestone Harbour Company and their contractors using IKO Permaphalt and Recreational Duty Grade Mastic Asphalt.

A Cladding Refurbishment Project with Specific Colouring Requirements

The appearance of the current cladding was in need of improvement and with the client requiring a specific colour, IKO were approached. IKO Polimar CRS was chosen as it ticked all the relevant boxes for the client – a single coat repair system that provide a tough, durable finish with excellent erosion, weather and UV resistance and a 10 year material guarantee.

A Flame-Free Solution to Reduce the Potential Fire Risk

The project was to refurbish the roof and improve the drainage and insulation and bring it up to current building control standards. A thermographic survey of the roof was carried out by IKO, which confirmed that it was sound enough to have an overlay of IKO UXPL bituminous membrane rather than stripping it back and rebuilding. IKO UPXL was primarily chosen by the client for the 30 year guarantee. One section of the roof to be repaired was on top of dormers. Flame-free IKO UPXL membranes were used because of the potential fire risk of the abutting pitched tiled roof.

A New Slip-Resistant Walkway Waterproofing System

IKO Polimar FCS is a high performance cold applied, two part, fast curing waterproofing system was a perfect solution for this project as it cured within 20 minutes. Also, being a self-levelling and slip resistant product, it enabled residents to come and go within minutes of it being applied.

A Schools New Thermal Efficient Roof Replacement

The roofs identified were suffering from several problems making refurbishment a high priority. The school wanted a solution that delivered a robust, long-lasting system that could be quickly and safely installed, from a manufacturer that could provide comprehensive technical support throughout the project.

A Waterproof Mastic Asphalt Wearing Course for a Bridge Deck

Along with re-surfacing, inspection, showed signs of wear and tear on the bridge surface areas too. Consulting Engineers, Jacobs, approached IKO for the specification, and Galliford Try won the tender. BriggsAmasco were chosen as the installing contractor. IKO’s Permatrack Bridge Surfacing system was chosen - a waterproof mastic asphalt wearing course for Bridge Decks containing both polymer and epure (Trinidad Lake Asphalt) modifications to the bitumen binder, which offers improved material flexibility and maintains good rut resistance. Existing mastic asphalt surfacing and bridge deck waterproofing was stripped off and replaced with Stirling Lloyd’s eliminator waterproofing system and Permatrack.

Asphalt from 1906 Replaced on Major UK Landmark

Successful project management and asphalt installation (in accordance with BS 8218:1998) were key to conserving one of the most important architectural structures in the UK. Works were phased to enable continued public access to Stone Gallery sections. The height and highly sensitive fabric of the building meant that all materials were transported to the Gallery via three hoists, requiring careful operation and management. Asphalt was stripped and re-laid in sections to ensure watertightness. Stripping enabled the client to view the condition of the Portland Stone paving beneath the asphalt.

Base Y, Horseshoe Island (Antarctica Heritage Trust)

Learn why Global waterproofing, roofing and insulation manufacturer IKO PLC was approached by architects advising the Antarctica Heritage Trust (AHT) on the conservation of Base Y on Horseshoe Island. Fix that Hut Success Stories – Base Y, Horseshoe Island (Antarctica Heritage Trust)

Carbon Neutral Project - Civic Centre Southampton

In 2014 discussions took place between IKO and Surveyors for the property, over the possibility of renewing the mastic asphalt roof coverings with an IKO Permaphalt Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt System. During 2015 this process took place with the work being undertaken by Survey Roofing, one of IKO’s Approved Contractors. During the works some 50 tonne of IKO Permaphalt was installed and due to IKO’s commitment of supplying Carbon Neutral Mastic Asphalt we are able to calculate the impact this has on the population.

Carbon Neutral Project - Four Squares Estate, Southwark

In 2013 IKO PLC were asked to investigate issues at the Four Square Estate, Southwark, in respect of the existing access walkways that were surfaced with Mastic Asphalt, by Keepmoat and Southwark Council. It was agreed that the Mastic Asphalt required replacing, along with screed repairs and new expansion joints. Work commenced in 2014 by Superior Roofing & Building Services Ltd and was completion by 2016. During the works some 1,400 tonne of IKO Permaphalt was installed along with IKO Permascreed. A 20 year guarantee was provided giving peace of mind and long term security for the sustainability of the system.

Carbon Neutral Project - Lucey Way, Southwark

IKO PLC were asked to investigate issues at the Lucey Way Housing, Southwark, in respect of the existing access walkways that were surfaced with Mastic Asphalt, by Keepmoat and Southwark Council. It was agreed the Mastic Asphalt required replacing, along with screed repairs and new expansion joints. Work commenced 2015 by Superior Roofing & Building Services Ltd and was completion by 2016. During the works some 300 tonne of IKO Permaphalt was installed along with IKO enertherm MG tapered insulation boards. A 20 year guarantee was provided giving peace of mind and long term security for the sustainability of the system.

Carbon Neutral Project - Round Tower, Portsmouth

The Grade I listed Round Tower (dating from the 1400’s) is a fortification at the entrance to Portsmouth harbour it overhangs the Portsmouth sea front making it susceptible to coastal weather. It’s current waterproofing system needed replacing, The IKO Permaphalt System was chosen due to the 20 year guarantee it offered and the previous heritage projects IKO have successfully helped preserve with various waterproof solutions. Existing coverings were removed and replaced by Southern Flat Roofing & Pitched Roofing Ltd, providing a surface that would withstand constant foot traffic as well as the weather that many seafront structures suffer from.

Cladding Refurbishment to Specified Colours

IKO Polimar CRS was chosen as it ticked all the relevant boxes for the client - a single coat repair system that provide a tough, durable finish with excellent erosion, weather and UV resistance and a 10 year material guarantee. As a manufacturer of liquid coatings, IKO could match and provide the client specified RAL colour at no extra cost.

Codebreaking Hut and Building Roof Gets Restored to Match the Original Specification

Replacing the original traditional bitumen membranes, the flat roofs had to be re-roofed with high performance bitumen membranes to safeguard the integrity of the building fabric for many years to come. The roofs also needed to be insulated, whilst complying with the strict planning restrictions and maintaining the look and feel of the original external appearance. External gutters positions could not be altered and the position/make-up of the original windows in any abutments could not be changed.

Combining a Range of IKO Roofing Waterproofing Systems to Refurbish a School Roof

The existing waterproofing had failed due to a previous poor installation, the result of which saturated the insulation below the exterior roofing. New high performance solutions were specified that included a range of IKO roofing waterproofing systems to protect both the flat and pitched roofing areas of the building. IKOslate, a robust and durable tile was specified for the pitched roof due to vandalism and the fragility of the current system, whereas a tapered scheme was required for the flat roofing - IKO Ultra Prevent alongside a cold applied liquid solution (IKO Polimar) for the more intricate details.

Commercial Office Block Receives New Fit Out

As part of the refit, the building required a new roof as it was showing signs of wear and had started to leak. As well as a waterproofing solution, the client wanted to improve the thermal performance in line with current building regulations. For health and safety reasons, the client also requested a flame free roofing solution.

Conservation-Area School Receives New Cost-Effective Roof

City of Edinburgh Council required a new roof for one of its local authority primary schools, Parsons Green. Built in 1961, the school had a copper pitched roof which was in need of replacement, and an upgrade to the insulation of the building was also required. The council also required a 20 year single point insurance-backed guarantee and a reputable installing roof contractor.

Creating a Vibrant and Attractive Office Environment, Including the Roof!

A detailed visual and physical inspection, together with core and moisture probe analysis carried out by IKO on the roof, patio and walkway areas, indicated that the waterproofing membrane was in a condition commensurate with the age and the type of the traditional membranes installed. They had become fragile and brittle. The decks were saturated due to water ingress, and natural ageing had played a principle part in the deterioration of the waterproofing system. The build-up would not have met the requirements of the current building regulations Part L. IKO worked to refine the specification for the main roof,

Delivering an Award-Winning Roofing Project

One of the roofs within the scheme, Hodge Clough School in Oldham, had fallen into a dilapidated state of disrepair and was in great need of replacement. Council building surveyors came up with the appropriate specification and project managed the scheme to completion. The majority of the much-needed work took place at the school over the summer holidays in order to minimise disruption to the teaching programme, a major consideration for roofing works at schools, colleges and universities.

Essential Roofing Works Carried Out For Sewage Treatment Works

Severn Trent’s Finham Sewage Treatment Works on the outskirts of Coventry required improvement to it’s buildings, to extend the life expectancy and minimise future maintenance. IKO UPXL was chosen for its unrivalled life expectancy and the 30 year insurance backed guarantee from IKO PLC. Within the works fragile rooflights were replaced with IKO Superlites which have a non-fragile classification as tested by the B.R.E. (British Research Establishment).

Exeter Grade II Listed Building Recieves New Fully Built-Up IKO UPXL System

IKO provided a new fully built-up IKO Ultra Prevent System including an IKO enertherm ALU Tapered Insulation Scheme. This not only enhanced the falls to drain rainwater more effectively but also upgraded the thermal value of the roof which will save the Pre-School money on their heating bills. IKO designed a bespoke solution, in keeping with the building’s grade II listed status which also assisted with achieving the u-value upgrade required for current building regulations. The client was highly satisfied with an IKO 25 year single point warranty.

Fast Liquid Waterproofing Solution for Flat Roofs

IKOpro Acrylic Roof Coat has been used to provide a quick (taking only 4 days to complete) and seamless waterproof solution to a leaking roof at Bellman’s Auctioneers & Valuers in West Sussex. Contracts Manager for M Holmes Construction (contractor) admits that it was much less labour intensive than traditional roof refurbishments. He said, “The beauty of this system is that you don’t have to re deck the roof, unlike some alternative liquid systems. So this means you save one day of labour, typically four men on a job this size, plus material costs.”

Flame-Free Roofing System Supplied Due to Sensitive Contents

No timber was allowed as part of the new refurb to conform to FM Global (Airbus Insurers) regarding system fire rating. IKO recommended an overlay on the existing deck, which complied with all the latest British Standards and Regulations. IKO Mach One System was chosen as it provided a flame-free System. Where detailing was difficult IKO Polimar EC/UV System was used. The roof refurbishment also included the installation of smoke vents, associated smoke control panels and accessories.

Flat Roof Replacement Implementing Safe2Torch Best Practice

This project had a wide ranging number of detailing factors to overcome with cladding abutment details and change in levels to be redesigned and encompassed into a system that also drained the roof areas of their historic high levels of standing water. Some of the existing construction build had not taken into account any suitable maintenance of the roof with sections being completely inaccessible and thus reducing the performance of the waterproofing.

Hybrid Roofing Solution for Manufacturer

The original profiled metal decking was covered with a layer of fibreboard and a layer of felt. Deterioration was so bad in places that entire areas of the roof needed replacing. Some areas were so fragile that it was dangerous for contractors to walk on them. Starting from the less damaged areas of the roof, the original roofing was removed and replaced the profile metal deck with a spacer support system onto which was laid fibreboard and then the IKO Mach One system from IKO.

IKO Polimar CRS used for Trimpley Water Treatment

The IKO Cladding Refurbishment System (CRS) was chosen, extending the life expectancy of the roofs with a 10 year guarantee from IKO PLC. The existing coating was de-bonding from the plastisol sheets with bare metal showing in places, signs of water damage prior to rusting. Sections of ridge flashings had worked their way loose and were missing from several locations on three of the roofs

Improving a Schools Thermal Performance and Roofing Waterproofing

Following several reported leaks and due to the age of the existing waterproofing system IKO were chosen to not only replace current roofing but also improved its thermal performance. After a thorough visual, intrusive and physical appraisal the Schools roofing structure would be replaced and IKO ALU insulation boards installed within the roofing system to increase the overall thermal performance.

Inlaid Motorway Crack Sealing System

The project involved treatment of longitudinal and transverse cracking in lanes 1 and 2 of the carriageway. IKO Permatrack H (High Modulus) Inlaid Crack Repair System was installed as a solution to a reflective crack extending to a length of 6.7km and IKO Permatrack Samiband was used to repair over 3km of transverse cracking in the carriageway .

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