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Bespoke perimeter protection at newly renovated Chichester Free School

In 2010, the UK’s coalition Government introduced free schools, which, in response to demand from local communities, would see the opening of non-profit-making, independently run, state-funded schools. Today there are over 475 free schools across the UK, and Chichester Free School is one that is growing from strength to strength. The school put the finishing touches to its new campus ready for opening at the start of term in September 2018. A robust perimeter protection system was an important part of the development, in order to keep students and staff safe and secure.

Entrance control solution to improve logistical efficiency

The UK’s retail sector is a £366 billion market. Some of the biggest businesses operating in the space deal with millions of transactions per week and have a highly complex logistics and distribution operations. This was the case for one of the UK’s leading grocery retailers, so to help manage the complexity, it wanted to install a perimeter protection system that would be secure, and that would allow efficient control of the vehicles and people flowing through its distribution centres.

Heras delivers high security entrance control to protect financial data center

Vocalink, a Mastercard company, has been leading the way in the payments industry for nearly 50 years. It designs, builds and operates industry-leading bank account-based payment systems and its technologies power the UK’s real-time payments, settlements and direct debit systems. The company pioneered the UK’s first network of ATMs and now powers over 70,000 ATMs across the country. In 2016, Vocalink processed over 90 percent of salaries, more than 70 percent of household bills and almost all state benefits in the UK. No wonder security is a major priority for the company.

Heras develops unique and artistic fence for Schiphol SmartGate Cargo

At Schiphol Airport’s Joint Inspection Center (JIC), enforcement staff and inspection services work closely together in inspecting air cargo quickly, safely and efficiently. Since the building is government property, a statutory regulation provided that a portion of the budget for the JIC must be allocated towards art. Heras developed an artistic fence in association with artist Hansje van Halem, Schiphol, Customs and the Government Property Company.

Heras replaces airport Schiphol (NL) perimeter

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands is protected by a perimeter of more than 30 kilometres. The fences, gates and security systems will all be preventively replaced in the coming years. Heras is managing this long-term and complex project by working closely with all parties involved.

Strong bollards keep Schiphol mortuary safe

Due to the expansion of Schiphol Airport, the mortuary was transferred from the terminal to a new building located on a busy road. Schiphol was looking for a solution to preventively secure the building against drivers who might potentially lose control over their vehicle. Heras recommended and provided a strong and secure solution through which the morturary can guarantee the safety of its employees and visitors.

Showing 1-7 of 7