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Heating Appliances & Spares Ltd (HASL)

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Heating Appliances & Spares Ltd or HASL were established in 1982 as specialist product distributors in Heating and Ventilation equipment. We are dedicated to the supply of high quality innovative products to many areas within the Building Services Industry.

Our innovative RESUS Risycor range of electronic corrosion coupon monitors allows systematic continuous graphical analysis of internal pipework corrosion rates. The range includes basic localised open source data retrieval via our FREE PC Dashboard through to LAN access via webviewer or indeed by internet access through a router to our hosted cloud platform.

The newest model of PCXI not only delivers corrosion rate, interval temperature but also includes system pressure monitoring as the ultimate Risycor.

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Trade names

  • Risycor
  • TVX
  • CBU
  • X2
  • CXE
  • CXI
  • PCXI