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Heat Mat Ltd

Electric Underfloor Heating / Ice & Snow Melting Systems

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110W Underfloor Heating Mat Datasheet

Heat Mat's range of easy-to-install, premium quality electric underfloor heating mats are available in 110W for well insulated properties. Ideal for energy efficient, well insulated buildings Can be used for room or space heating Suitable for properties where higher output mats are not required for space heating Ideal for larger projects where a limited power supply is available Suitable for use underneath virtually any floor covering once covered with a levelling compound or latex screed. Constructed with pre-spaced heating cable for an even heat spread Constructed with a 3mm cable for a low build height Covered by a lifetime warranty Made in Denmark

3mm Underfloor Heating Cable Datasheet

A flexible simple to fit heating system designed to provide energy efficient floor warming or a full heating system as desired. This electric underfloor heating cable is particularly suited to small or complicated areas where heating mats can be more complicated to install.

Heat Mat Driveway Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat Ice & Snow Melting Systems - For driveways, ramps and car parks. The robust heating wire systems are suitable to protect driveways, car parks, pathways, steps, loading ramps and bridges and when used in conjunction with intelligent thermostats they provide an energy efficient and fully automated heating system.

Heat Mat Mirror Demister Datasheet

A simple to install solution to ensure mirrors remain permanently condensation free in a bathroom. Ideal for bathrooms in hotels and new-build developments Suitable for sports changing rooms Mirrors are steam and condensation free Available in 250, 400, 500 or 800mm widths Bespoke sizes available The heater can be wired up through the lighting circuit so it only heats when the bathroom is in use, and a 50 by 50cm unit uses only 50 Watts of power per hour.

Heat Mat Product Range Brochure

Heat Mat brochure with information about the entire electric underfloor heating product range, including thermostats and accessories and an overview of the Ice and Snow melting systems.

Heat Mat Roof and Gutter Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat is an expert in roof heating systems and has national experience in specification and installation. This datasheet provides information on the heating cables and accessories available for roof and gutter protection, to prevent dangerous ice and snow build-up.

Heat Mat Trace Heating Datasheet

Focused heat to prevent water pipes and gutters from freezing and to maintain process temperatures. Trace Heating cables provide focused and controllable heat to prevent pipes and gutters from freezing, or to maintain process temperatures. The major benefits of Trace Heating are that the specialist cables ‘self regulate’ their temperature so they cannot overheat, and they can also be cut to length during installation to ensure the perfect fit, every time.

Underfloor Heating In-screed Cable Datasheet

A robust and cost effective 6mm In-screed heating cable designed for new build and major renovation projects where a 65mm screed will be laid. The cable is suitable for providing energy-efficient room heating and floor warming beneath nearly any floor covering and is fast to install and adds no build height to the construction.

Underfloor Heating Insulation Boards Datasheet

Low profile structural insulation boards designed to minimise downward heat loss, improving the efficiency and warm up time of any underfloor heating system. The thermal insulation board comprises of a rigid foam core (high density extruded polystyrene), reinforcement mesh and a reinforced cement polymer exterior.

Underfloor Heating Mats Datasheet

110W, 160W and 200W electric underfloor heating mats. A professional easy-to-install system designed to provide energy efficient floor warming in all rooms, and a full heating system in well insulated areas. Heat Mat's underfloor heating mats are manufactured in Denmark and can be used beneath virtually any type of floor covering (if covered with a levelling compound).

Showing 1-10 of 10