HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

stainless steel woven wire mesh

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HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies. Passion for innovation and openness to the world are the basis for our success since 1887. For more than 130 years we have experience in manufacturing, processing, construction and installation of wire mesh. Due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of our HAVER Architectural Mesh, it offers new and versatile fields of applications in architecture. Architectural wire mesh convinces with its noble optic and meets at the same time the highest standards of safety and stability in indoor and outdoor applications.

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Trade names

  • Alterna
  • Chess
  • Densis
  • Dogla-Trio
  • Doka-Barrette
  • Doka-Mono
  • Doka-Pro
  • Dokawell-Mono
  • Egla-Mono
  • Egla-Twin
  • Flexomesh
  • Largo-Fortis
  • Largo-Nova
  • Micromesh
  • Miniflex
  • Montana
  • Multi-barrette
  • Multiplex
  • Structura
  • Textura