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HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

stainless steel woven wire mesh

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Acoustic Woven Wire Mesh at Luxembourg Municipal Theatre

To give the Théâtre Municipal in Luxembourg a new and modern look, the walls are clad with architectural mesh type MINIFLEX 8135. For the renovation the architecural concept had to be adapted to existing structures of the theatre. Amongst others the cladding of the proscenium walls had to be renewed and meet the current arrangement of the building. HAVER & BOECKER supplied cut elements in a standard size of 1350 x 1365 mm, which were notched at all four corners. The mesh panels were then attached to medium density fibreboard with sound absorption material in between.

Architectural Wire Mesh cladding at Car Park Exhibition Centre Bologna

The car park of the Exhibition Centre Bologna demonstrates that a car park can not only be functional, but also appealing from an architectural point of view. With HAVER Architectural Mesh the façade of this building combines the advantages of transparency and design in a unique way.

Breathable woven wire mesh screening at One Arlington Apartments

The architects needed a breathable system to screen several mechanical louvers on the front of the building. The system needed to fit their design intent while still meeting open area requirements for the mechanical systems. To reduce visual transparency from the street but still allow for direct airflow, the architects decided to use the very versatile weave type EGLA-TWIN 4253. With its smooth flat surface on one side which reflects light homogenously and an open area of 51 %, this stainless steel mesh is very popular as a filigree textile outer skin on Façades.

Car Park Two at Chesapeake

A car park that no longer looks like a typical car park. Façade cladding with the Architectural Woven Wire Mesh LARGO-PLENUS 2022. Although the wire mesh facade disguises the building on the outside, from the inside it still provides a high degree of transparency when looking out. With an open area of only 25%, the stainless steel wire mesh is still open enough to be able to recognize buildings, natural elements and people outside of the garage. At the same time it provides adequate airflow to allow for natural ventilation.

Ceiling Design with Architectural Woven Wire Mesh at Arena FC Krasnodar

More than 10,000 m² HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh EGLA-MONO 5031 were installed at the interior and exterior ceilings of the stadium in Krasnodar, Russia. The ceiling elements are removable and have over 916 individual cutouts for various installations such as lamps, video cameras and loudspeakers.

Colourful woven wire mesh facade at Shands Childrens Hospital

Understanding that a hospital can feel ominous to a child, the architect was asked to take an approach to the renovation that was child-friendly, while at the same time created a separate identity for the children’s hospital that would differentiate it from other areas of the facility. The woven wire mesh products by HAVER & BOECKER provided options not available with any other type of material. The color selection allowed for a bright, multi-color façade layered over the existing brick cladding, which would be appealing to young patients while also establishing a new identity for the building.

Fall protection & natural ventilation with woven wire mesh

The architects needed a material that could act as a security barrier while still maintaining the required open area for natural ventilation on the garage. HAVER Architectural Mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1011 fulfilled their criteria. A standard tensioning system was used with flat tension profiles, clevis screws and springs. One of the most beautiful features of using wire mesh on a building is the effect the sunlight and angle of view have on its appearance. The mesh will look entirely different depending on where you are standing when looking up at the building and what time of day it is.

Interior design with architectural woven wire mesh

Inside the Bella Concert Hall, the architects from Pfeiffer Partners Architects chose HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-LARGO 4338 for the wall and ceiling claddings. The three-dimensional curved cladding consists of Architectural Mesh elements, which were mounted under pre-tension onto steel frames. Due to the three-dimensionality, each mesh element has different shapes and dimensions.

Julia Center Transparent Woven Wire Mesh Media Facade

Júlia Center Perfumery is visually enhanced with IMAGIC WEAVE transparent media façade. The woven wire mesh cladding made of 300 m² of HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-DUO 4212 Vario covers about three-quarters of the whole façade. 1250 LED profiles are discreetly attached to the reverse side of 17 mesh elements transforming the cladding into a giant advertising screen. IMAGIC WEAVE® HO receives the luminosity due to the THT LED profiles with six LEDs per pixel demonstrating its quality even in bright sunlight.

New weave type - EGLA-DUO

Architectural Mesh is as diversified as today's architecture. The combination of warp and weft wires as well as the type of weave generate the possibility of creating different mesh geometries with specific optical and light reflecting effects. Our new weave type EGLA-DUO, made from a combination of round and flat wires, reflects light homogenously. It is particularly suitable for facades as well as for balustrades.

Sun Protection with Architectural Wire Mesh

Modern glass architecture requires effective protection against sunlight. HAVER Architectural Mesh combines sun protection and outstanding design with many functional benefits.

Sun Protection with Architectural Woven Wire Mesh at Holland Park School

The wave-like wire mesh cladding made of architectural weave type EGLA-MONO softens the geometry of the building and creates an effective aesthetic sun protection screen in front of the classrooms. This transparent façade allows unobstructed views from inside the classrooms and reflects the sunrays to protect the interior from overheating.

Woven Wire Mesh at the LA Police Department

To realize the undulating form of the facade, the wire mesh panels, which are made from EGLA-MONO 4832, are split into vertically and horizontally tensioned elements. 34 vertical panels are 13500 mm long and 2440 mm wide. The horizontal canopy consists of 12 panels with a maximum length of 5750 mm in the same width. The painting is an overlay pattern of larger and smaller leaves, some painted in two different green shades, some not. The architect decided not to go ahead with a third colour to keep some of the sparkle and reflective quality of the stainless steel.

Woven Wire Mesh Balustrade at Kings Cross Plaza

The Kings Cross Plaza Bridge over the Regents Canal is 27 metres long. The exciting geometric appearance of the bridge balustrade also has an additional special function: to carry supply lines safely across the channel. The appearance of the bridge reflects the industrial background of the area. To reflect this architectural wire mesh type DOKA-BARRETTE 8914 was used for the balustrade infill.

Woven wire mesh ceiling at Dusseldorf Airport

The ceiling mounted sprinkler system is elegantly concealed behind non-combustible wire cloth elements, and at the same time is unimpaired in it's functions.The architectural wire mesh elements made from DOKAWELL-MONO 8965 cover an area of approximately 20,000 square meters. Each element was individually tested in our factory for uniform sagging. The unique fixing system uses slotted profiles and allows each individual element to be easily moved for access and maintenance work. HAVER & BOECKER developed the fastening system and supplied ready-to-install panels.

Woven wire mesh ceiling at Stratford Station

Stratford Station is situated in the middle of Stratford city and was one of the key gateway stations servicing the Olympic stadiums 2012. The platform ceiling features triangulated panels of architectural wire mesh DOKAWELL-MONO 3021. With its high open area the mesh creates a shimmering veil whilst the structure of the canopy remains semi-visible. Every other panel is backlight creating an alternating pattern of light and dark.

Woven wire mesh contributes to environmentally friendly building

Highlight of the new Bayer Headquarters in Mexico is the curved facade cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO 4991. The stainless steel mesh façade, which improves the thermal comfort in the interior and contributes to an environmentally friendly green building, consists of 2.400 m² wire mesh made by Haver & Boecker.

Woven wire mesh meets woven concrete at Halifax International Airport Parkade

A key feature of this car park is the combination of the woven wire mesh facade at the east and west facade and "woven" concrete at the north and south elevations. 108 elements of weave type DOGLA-TRIO 1010 cover an area exceeding 3,800 m² . The standard length of each elements is 12,430 mm, the width is 3,040 mm. The attachment system consists of flat tension profiles with clevis bolts. Additional tension springs allow for a consistent tensioning. For this project the springs were placed at the top in a less visible area of the facade.

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