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Guthrie Douglas have the sole focus of creating technical solar shading systems. They design and manufacture motorised fabric blinds for extraordinary spaces and without limits. Their systems can cover and shade large glass atria, curved glass facades, sloped glazing, trapezoids, parallelograms, in fact, any shape and in any direction. Their unique team of specialist engineers seek to collaborate with architects and design teams as early in the process as possible, to specify a solar shading system specific to your project, that will disappear into its surroundings when not in use, harnessing the power of light and shade as positive architectural features, rather than restrictions or problems to be overcome later. Their engineers are problem solvers, tinkerers, and sticklers for detail. Sometimes great design is about what you can’t see. Building physics modelling and specialist mechanical and electrical engineering create solar shading systems that work in tune with aesthetics and atmosphere, evolving together with the building design, and delivering both efficacy and elegance.

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  • TESS(™) systems by Guthrie Douglas