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Gunnebo UK Ltd

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The Gunnebo Group is a global leader in security products, services and software with an offering focusing on retail, mass transit, public and commercial buildings, industrial and high-risk sites, and banks. The Group has an annual turnover of MSEK 5,100 generated by 4,500 people located in 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. We are the world's leading specialist in entrance control solutions and manufacture interior and exterior turnstiles ranging from simple tripod turnstiles, entrance gates, full-height turnstiles to advanced speed gates and revolving security doors for a wide range of applications. Our range of entry control products is designed to create a safe environment, whether it is to enter the lobby of a company, a store, an entertainment area or an industrial area without restricting freedom of movement or operate within sites with higher security requirements like airports, embassies, nuclear power plants and prisons

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Trade names

  • AutoSec
  • Chubb
  • ClearSec
  • Elkosta
  • EntraSec
  • Farnworth
  • Glasstile
  • HiSec
  • RevoSec
  • Rosengrens Tann
  • RotaSec
  • Sentinel
  • Slimstile
  • Speedstile
  • Staffline
  • Stalwart
  • Tristile
  • Wego
  • Wingstile