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Silentmesh CMP fabrics are made of flexible metal mesh fabric, which is mounted to aluminum honeycombs.

This composite material (CMP) can be used to produce extremely stable yet also very lightweight mesh panels. The Silentmesh version of these panels ensures a high degree of room-based acoustic comfort.


The design options in terms of shapes, colors and surfaces ensure unique façade designs.

Shimmering mesh façades are utilized as energy-efficient solar protection elements or filter out wind and rain. Suspended ceiling meshes improve room acoustics. Semi-transparent mesh room dividers structure rooms and areas. Roller shutters made of cable mesh offer increased burglary protection. Building shells become energy-efficient solar protection systems that can be adjusted for different times of the day. Bright LED media façades display high resolution content.

Roller Shutters

Roll-up doors and roller shutters, produced to European safety standards from highgrade stainless steel, weather-resistant and easy to look after. Delivers a high degree of functional reliability, and offers a long service life and low maintenance costs. Depending on the desired degree of light transmission, the roll-up systems are available with GKD mesh types Tigris, Lago or Sambesi.

GKD stainless steel meshes are durable, completely recyclable and easy to clean.

Showing 1-3 of 3