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00 - GKD Picture book

Our metal fabrics have a wide range of uses in the field of architecture as solar protection façades, acoustic ceilings, fall guard protection, wall cladding, room dividers, roller shutters, transparent media façades, or as elements of corporate architecture. This picture book includes examples that offer you insights into the wide range of systems and their applications on and in buildings throughout the world. Our metal fabrics have been setting standards for more than 25 years in building shell and interior design, as well as security systems. As a partner to internationally renowned architects, we give their ideas an unmistakable face with metal fabrics that are available in widths of up to 8 m and custom lengths.

01 - Metal Fabric Roller Shutter System - GKD Creative Weave - Stainless Steel Mesh Roller Shutter solution 2014

GKD Creative Weave presents its specialised stainless steel woven wire mesh Roller Shutters. GKD’s years of technical experience in woven stainless steel wire mesh they have produced a metal fabric Roller Shutter that provides protection, security and visibility through to the area behind the shutter. This makes its application ideal for bars and restaurant partitions as well as shop window display areas. The metal fabric Roller Shutters provide the perfect combination of function with protection and transparency as well aesthetics by using stainless steel woven wire mesh. The Roller Shutter is available in four different mesh types. GKD Roller Shutters can be used in partnership with lighting to create an elegant design element for any interior or exterior design solution.

02 - Silent Ceiling System - GKD Creative Weave - acoustic treatment and non-acoustic treatment ceiling system

GKD Creative Weave’s Silent Ceilings System provides not only high quality stainless steel and aluminium mesh based ceiling panels but also powerful sound dampening technology. These ceilings have a wide range of applications from offices and meetings rooms to concert halls and auditoriums. With years of quality testing, design and engineering behind them, the Silent Ceiling System focuses on function as well as aesthetics and delivers both to an extremely high standard. GKD has developed a standardised fixing system making the Silent Ceiling System perfectly suited for installation in both new builds and refurbishment projects

03 - LED Media Facade Solutions - GKD Creative Weave - Mediamesh® and Illumesh® systems

GKD Creative Weaves Media Facade Systems use patented LEDs and SMD LEDs profiles woven with stainless steel cables to produce a HD resolution transparent media screen mesh for external and internal applications. Illumesh©, has the LED profiles attached to the mesh via specialised brackets, which hang back from the mesh structure and act as back light. Using a dense pixel concentration sharp colours can be achieved to produce a powerful shimmering back drop effect on the mesh facades. Mediamesh© utilises the LED profiles to produce a high res image while keeping the transparent effects of the mesh. The properties of the mesh and the manufacturing process Mediamesh© allows large screens and areas to be covered, this includes screens around corners and large faces of buildings.

06 - Safety made of metal mesh Systems - GKD Creative Weave - Balustrades, roller shutter and fall guard protections

GKD Creative Weave has been leading the market in technical woven mesh and stainless steel fabrics. Using this knowledge GKD has produced a Balustrade system that allows the transparent, robust, and secure nature of stainless steel woven mesh to create a durable and virtually maintenance free balustrading solution. This solution is built with a standard fixing system used in the balustrading industry allowing it to be installed with ease and convenience. This system also makes it a perfect product for replacing old and dated balustrade systems. With a choice a of four different mesh types the GKD Balustrading system can be integrated into a wide variety of designs and concepts.

Golden membrane as an expression of corporate philosophy

Tencent headquarters: making social networking a reality. A total of 1,850 square meters of metal fabric from GKD is used to create a golden net that encapsulates the three floor atrium. The subtle luster of the soft golden color of the fabric from GKD allows the atrium to appear caressed by the sun.

Kunsthalle Mannheim museum of modern and contemporary art:

Metal fabric as the interface between the inside and outside world. A shell made of bronze-colored stainless steel fabric from GKD characterizes the new façade of the Kunsthalle Mannheim. The fabric design developed by GKD especially for the Kunsthalle Mannheim made of bronze-colored cables, wires and tubes builds a sophisticated membran in front of the huge building.

Transparent media façade for Atlético Madrid

Stadium of superlatives impresses with emotion and convenience. The transparent media façade from GKD almost spanning 150 square meters on the outer wall of the main stand emphasizes the superlative nature of the stadium. Even when switched off, the transparent screen meets the client's highly stringent requirements with regard to aesthetics.

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