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A White Range Brochure - Volume 5

With a wide choice of world class vinyl, linoleum and carpet brands, you can be confident that Gerflor have a flooring solution for every sector. A palette of inspiring designs made with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, offers you the freedom to future-proof your building interiors.

Attraction® - Fast Track Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Attraction® is a fast track easy solution with interlocking edges which allows for rapid looselay installation and replacement. With a Protecsol®2 surface treatment it requires minimal maintenance and is a highly durable solution suitable for heavy traffic.

Clean Corner System

Controlling contamination in technical facilities and clean rooms is always a challenge. Corners, in particular, are where most of the imperfections are found. Gerlor has developed Clean Corner System: a patent pending innovative corner solution.

Cleanability Brochure

With over 60 years experience in the healthcare sector, Gerflor have a range of surface treatments such as EvercareTM and Protecsol2® that provide easier to clean surfaces! Our treated flooring products have a positive impact on maintenance levels and infection control. Perfect solutions for Hospitals, Health Centres/GP Premises, Care facilities and other areas where cleaning is priority.

Creation 30 - Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT) Flooring

Creation 30 Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are the ideal choice for domestic and low trafc applications. Creation 30 is treated with a PUR+ surface treatment that provides excellent cleaning characteristics and improved resistance to scratching.

Creation 55 - Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT) Flooring

Creation 55 Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are available in wood and mineral effect and can enhance any interior décor. A popular choice for medium traffic areas as as well as suitable for domestic use. Creation 55 is a natural looking floor with a PUR+ surface coating. This makes it extremely durable and hardwearing and offers additional protection against impacts, stains and scratches.

Design Book - Creation 70

Creation 70 is a Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank system, which is extremely tough and durable. This makes it ideal for heavy traffic environments. This includes settings such as department stores, front of house retail applications and hospitality. This LVT flooring range will inspire and enhance any interior space. It offers unique and realistic stone, mineral and wooden flooring effect designs. Available in a variety of fitting options Creation 70 vinyl flooring is quick to install and easy to maintain. If you select the loose lay clic system, this product can be laid quickly over most existing surfaces. There is no need to close premises during refurbishments saving customers time and money.

DLW Linoleum Brochure

DLW Linoleum from Gerflor is the ultimate solution for any design project involving high foot traffic areas, making it possible to combine on-trend design with excellent stain resistance, together with providing more than a nod to sustainability. With its ground-breaking composition in terms of durability and 98% bio-based constituents delivers a formidable flooring solution. The revolutionary new Gerflor Neocare solvent-free surface treatment also offers unrivalled ease of maintenance and stain resistance.

Evercare™ Technology

At the companies three Research and Development centres, seventy engineers work in partnership with Laboratories and Universities worldwide to develop innovative solutions for environments with strict technological constraints (such as the aircraft industry).

Fitness Solutions Brochure

The range for fitness flooring is the perfect answer to all spaces in your sport building. Our experts have created a complete solution of floors combining technical performance with great designs.

GTI EL5 - Brochure

All the benefits of a GTI Tile with Evercare treated smooth surface and electro-conductive properties.

GTI Max - Fast Track Vinyl Flooring Tiles

GTI Max is the ideal solution for heavy trafc applications and is a popular choices for retail, industrial and warehousing environments. These loose lay tiles offer a fast renovation solution which can be installed over most existing oors where minimal sub oor preparation is required, as well as no adhesives. The GTI Max range is cost effective both in the installation (you do not need to stop production or close the premises) and in terms of easier maintenance (with a PUR surface treatment).

Mipolam Affinity Brochure

High performance homogeneous flooring suitable for heavy duty traffic, available in sheet format. Revolutionary Evercare surface treatment provides unrivalled chemical and scratch resistance. With no polishing required for the lifetime of the product, the costs for ongoing maintenance are reduced.

My Taralay Digital Printing

With MyTaralay Digital Printing, customise your floors according to your desires. Three possibilities of personalisation, three ways to cement your inspirations. Download the brochure to find out more

Powershock 80 & 300 Brochure

Build a perfect environment to lift and drop loads without compromising your equipment with our Powershock Range. The interlocking system of the Powershock 80 tiles makes the looselay installation extremely easy. With its unique surface, Powershock 80 does not show marks from free-weight falls. Yet, its smooth texture makes it very easy to clean and maintain. Powershock 300 is a 30mm thick high impact rubber flooring tile ideal for free weight and heavy weight areas in your gym or fitness facility. Designed to be both functional and hardwearing, pre-installed connector pins make for easy installation. Powershock 300 avoids deep-impact damage while providing outstanding sound deadening as well.

Protecsol® 2 Technology

A new generation of surface treatment. An exclusive Gerflor patented coating with resistance and performance obtained by UV laser cross-linking.

Safety Flooring Solutions

Gerflors safety flooring provides outstanding durability and slip resistance properties. As specialists in this field we have developed our product ranges to reflect the needs of our customers. Our safety flooring, such as the Tarasafe ranges and Taralay Impression Control, are used in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, industry, housing, retirement homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Saga² Connect

Saga² is a fast track loose lay tile that provides the durability of a compact tile with the comfort of an acoustic tile. The vinyl loose lay tile overcomes the difficulty of many irregular sub-oors and prevents their indentations transferring to the surface. With a wide range of stylish designs available and is suitable for heavy trafc areas including ofces, boutiques, public areas as well as other administrative areas. Saga² is an ideal replacement for carpet tiles, it minimises dust allergies and is easy to clean and maintain.

Specifying Sports Flooring for Multi-Use Areas Brochure

Taraflex® is an indoor synthetic sports flooring range that is ideal for every level of performance. It is widely recognised and used within the education, community, leisure and health and fitness sectors. Over 6 million children everyday enjoy the benefits of Taraflex® sports flooring. Taraflex® Multi-Use is a versatile range that can be used for various multi-specialist applications and is sensibly priced for new build projects and refurbishments. It is extremely durable and cost effective to maintain. User benefits include reducing injuries from bumps and falls and offering a feeling of comfort and protection so that both children and adults can enjoy their sporting and exercising experience.

Specifying Sports Flooring for Sports Halls Brochure

Taraflex® is an indoor synthetic sports flooring range that is ideal for every level of performance. It is widely recognised and used within the education, community, leisure and health and fitness sectors.

Sport Court Powergame Plus Brochure

With our modular PwerGame+ tiles, we offer everyone the opportunity to share such memorable sport and recreational experiences. Our premium surfaces are not only fun, great-looking and safe to play on, but they can also be easily installed in all facilities. You can be sure you're providing the ideal outdoor playing surface for every practice and ambitions from children to champions.

Taraflex® - Vinyl Sports Flooring

Taraflex® is one of the best performing products on the market. Protection and safety are the main concerns when we are developing a new floor. With a complete range of P1/P2/P3 products, Gerflor offers the perfect solution adapted to all users and usages, from low impact activities through elite and performance sports.

Taralay Impression Control - Vinyl Safety Flooring

The stunning new Taralay Impression Control range consists of a Safety in Wood and a Safety in Design offer. This brand new collection is ideal for hardworking places and has been developed specifically for an extensive range of contract applications. If youre looking for inspiration and a tough safety flooring that offers both slip resistance and outstanding performance, then look no further.

Taralay Premium - Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Available in Compact and Comfort versions this multilayered vinyl flooring has a long lasting appearance through the incorporation of densely pressed colour chips in the wear layer. Treated with a new and improved Protecsol®2 surface treatment with extreme stain resistance and a matt nish, no polish is required for the entire lifetime of the product thus reducing maintenance costs. Taralay Premium Compact provides excellent resistance to static and dynamic loads. With quick indentation recovery (0.02mm) and superb dimensional stability minimal rucking when heavy objects are wheeled across the surface. Taralay Premium Comfort has excellent acoustic and shock absorption properties with high acoustic performance (16dB) and safe underfoot cushioning.

Ultra Clean Brochure

We have been supplying innovative flooring solutions to the healthcare sector for over 60 years. This means that we are well aware of the tough conditions healthcare flooring undertakes on a day-to-day basis. We have used this knowledge to create a wide range of innovative solutions, which perfectly suit the requirements of different areas within a healthcare facility. Whether for a hospital, care home, medical centre or disability centre, were certain to have the solution for you. In addition to our flooring solutions, we also offer a range of complementary solutions include accessories.

Water Jet Cutting Technology Guide

WIth many years experience with water jet cutting technology, Gerflor proudly offers this service for customised flooring designs. Download our brochure for more details and design inspiration.

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