GEOCELL Foam Glass

GEOCELL Foam Glass

Lightweight, Load-bearing and Insulating Aggregate

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GEOCELL® Foam Glass Aggregate (or gravel) is extremely versatile due to its unique characteristics. Foam glass aggregate is light weight, load bearing, draining and insulating. GEOCELL® Foam Glass is a sustainable replacement for traditional building materials in: Insulation of basements, under the floor slab and for back fill; New floor systems in old buildings (limecrete/GlassCrete); Insulation of rooftops; Lightweight fill material for landscaping, roof gardens and green roofs; Bridge abutments and other construction where light weight fill is required; Insulating of underground pipelines. GEOCELL also manufacture Foam Glass Bubbles by for use in bound and unbound insulating floor systems. GEOCELL Foam Glass Bubbles are versatile insulating beads have a thermal conductivity of 0.07 W/mK. They can be used with or without a binder (such as natural hydraulic lime or cement). In addition to having no negative impact on health, using foam glass bubbles guarantees excellent insulation with the highest fire safety and ease of use. For use as: Cavity fill; Chimney flue insulation; Insulating, lightweight aggregate. GEOCELL Schaumglas GmbH have four manufacturing facilities in Austria and Germany and are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of foam glass.

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