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Crown Place London

Located in the City of London, 30 Crown Place has been redeveloped to provide 197,000 square feet of contemporary office space and retail facilities. A striking glazed facade provides outstanding 360° views across London from the building’s upper levels and allows swathes of natural light to engulf the building providing an exceptionally bright and pleasant working space for the building occupants. The well appointed and stylish building interior has been designed to the highest specifications and DOWSIL® 993 Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant was specified for bonding the projecting single glazed fins - a defining characteristic of the building.

Invisible Bonding for Improved Aesthetics

The National Indoor Arena in Dublin is a fully accessible, multi-sport and multi-purpose arena. The intricate, external façade of the building comprises of striking geometric panels. For the lower level panels, designers demanded no visible fixings. The DOWSIL® PanelFix system is ideal for façade cladding and fitted all aspects of the project requirements including challenges with lack of physical space in which to build. The Trespa® Meteon® A03.0.0 8mm thick decorative panels used for the façade also presented a load bearing consideration, whilst complying with the architect’s requirements for a “secret fix”.

John Lennon International Airport

As part of the £30 million development of Britain’s fastest growing regional airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, A striking building-high glass façade, was developed using 1.8m high panels, some up to 2.25 metres wide, bonded to the aluminium sections using DOWSIL 993 silicone. The façade’s ability to perform under blast conditions was a prime consideration. But this important safety priority was not to impinge on the strong aesthetic impact, which the glazed façade was designed to create.

Old Trafford, Manchester

DOWSIL 993 sealant was used to create a new structurally glazed main entrance / atrium at Old Trafford, home of the world’s biggest football club, Manchester United. As well as making an impressive statement to fans and visitors, the new entrance also had to provide a reception area and office space for staff at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

St Pancras Station, London

Ten years in the making, the international station at St Pancras is truly awe-inspiring. The vast, glazed central section of the station’s roof, transforms the original giant train shed, allowing a breathtaking swathe of light to pour in to the station. The use of glass throughout this regeneration project both internally and on the external façade has been vital in restoring the station to its former glory and truly bringing it into the 21st century. DOWSIL 993 was specified for the bonding and sealing application in two areas of this impressive and exceptional refurbishment.

The Kelpies, Falkirk, Scotland

The 30m high Kelpies are located in The Helix; a 350 hectare park in Falkirk. They are modelled on heavy horses which were once the powerhouse of the Falkirk/Grangemouth area, exemplifying the industrial history of Scotland. Each component is formed from steel which allows each of the horses heads to exude a mechanized aesthetic. The full structures are illuminated inside and out creating a stunning spectacle during the hours of darkness. DOWSIL 896 PanelFix was specified for bonding the stainless steel skin plates which were used to clad the horses manes on each of the sculptures.

Showing 1-6 of 6