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+44 (0)20 7492 1731 www.foamglas.co.uk

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31-35 Kirby Street

Hatton Garden


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Trade names

Anchor F, Compact Roof, Fabric 79P, Floor Board, Floor Board F, Floor Board S3, Floor Board T4+, Foamglas, PC 11, PC 130, PC 140, PC 150, PC 160, PC 164, PC 310, PC 500, PC 58, PC 600 Green , PC 74 A2, PC 78, PC EM, PC56, Perinsul, Perinsul HL, Perisave, Pittcote 404, Pittseal 444N, Ready Block, Ready Block F, Ready Block S3, Ready Block T4+, Ready Board, Ready Board T4+, Roof Block G1 T4+, Roof Board G2 T4+, Slab F, Slab S3, Slab T4, Slab T4+, Slab W+F, SP 150/150 Roofing Plates, SP 200/200 Roofing Plates, Tapered F Slab, Tapered Ready Block , Tapered Ready Block F, Tapered Ready Block S3, Tapered Ready Block T4+, Tapered S3 Slab, Tapered Slab, Tapered T4+ Slab, Wall Board, Wall Board T4+, Wall Board W+F, WITH THE EXISTING T3+