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Stainless Steel Handrail & Balustrade System Components

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Pro-Railing is a range of stainless steel components designed to help create stunning handrails or balustrades in all types of applications. This handrail and stainless steel balustrade system consists of over 1000 components, allowing for the quick installation of complex and attractive stainless steel railings and balustrades; simply cut then glue or screw to create a clean and contemporary look. Pro-Railing provides maximum flexibility giving you professional results every time. The components are available in stainless 304 for internal installations and stainless 316 for external applications and ultra marine Duplex 2205 where additional resistance to corrosion is required and come in a satin or mirror polished finish. We also offer a choice of infills, including a huge range of Glass Clamps and Pre-Assembled Posts and our Aluminium Glass Balustrade solutions now include Mega-Grip 3kN, providing public safety and durability in large commercial installations. Also, in the range are Mini Top Rail systems, Juliet Balconies, Wire Rope and Rod & Bar systems, Stand Off Adaptors, Glass Spigots Glass Clamps and much more, all available from stock. Stocked standard Glass Panels are offered in a variety of widths and non-standard panels are available to order.

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Trade names

  • Brunmesh
  • Brunperf
  • Camé
  • Cast-A-Rail
  • Elefant
  • Flexirail
  • Illumirail
  • Mezzirail
  • Pro-Glass
  • Pro-Rail
  • Prorailing
  • Pro-View
  • Rhino Flooring
  • System Iron
  • Tafer
  • Tilt-Loc
  • Tubeclamps
  • Warmagrip
  • Wedge-Loc
  • Weldmesh