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ege carpets limited

ege carpets limited

+44 (0)1257 239000 www.egecarpet.com

Established in 1938, ege carpets are one of Europe's largest broadloom carpet and carpet tile manufacturers supplying in the region of 7 million m2 per annum. When you choose to work with ege carpets, you are assured a partner who will never compromise on quality. All our carpets are certified according to a range of standards, EN1307 being one of them, ensuring that they meet the highest quality requirements. At every stage in the life cycle of a carpet, it is possible to reduce its environmental impact and improve product characteristics; this is why we are determined to take active responsibilty in reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in our carpet production. We offer a wide range of concepts utilising standard stock items along with our tailor-made solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the individual projects with a range of wear classifications up to Extra Heavy Contract.

ege carpets limited is a RIBA CPD Provider

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