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Aman Canal Grande

Palazzo Papadolopi, in which Aman Canal Grande is housed, was built in the 16th century by the architect Gian Giacomo dé Grigi, as commissioned by the Coccina family of Bergamo. The hotel is located in of the oldest districts of Venice, San Polo, and provides a magnificent view of the Grand Canal. Due to the special location, guests usually arrive at the hotel by boat.


Holland’s most famous luxurious retreat, the Amstel Hotel, renovated its Health & Fitness Club. Thereby obtained the prestigious five-star Amsterdam hotel in one go a completely refurbished Wellness floor. The Health & Fitness Club was equipped with the latest innovations in sanitary, including Easy Drain shower channels. Easy Drain’s challenge in this project was to meet the required drainage capacity. Due to the large amount of water produced by the Horizontal Shower. Another challenge was the low installation depth requirements for the renovation. Furthermore, the shower drain had to conform to hygiene and safety standards for guests and personnel.

De Rotterdam

‘De Rotterdam’ is a huge construction project on the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam. This impressive building will bring living, working, shopping and recreation together. ‘De Rotterdam’ was designed, in 1998, by Rem Koolhaas to function as a complete vertical city; a dynamic place that is alive 24 hours a day and where people can reside comfortably. Apartments in this building will have exclusive bathrooms with top quality sanitary, including barrier-free showers with Easy Drain shower drains.

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol hotel, designed by Dutch architects Mecanoo, is directly connected to the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s terminal with a covered walkway and offers a completely new hotel experience. This place doesn’t feel like the typical airport hotel. It’s designed as high-profile architectural landmark and is visible to millions of people that visit Amsterdam every year.

Qatar Premium Lounge - Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is the most important airport in the Middle East region and the number 6 airport in the world. With their Premium lounge, Qatar Airways provides the ultimate 5-star experience and offers a venue where spending time is a pleasure. This way, guests can experience the 5-star Qatar airways experience long before they board. The lounge offers a warm, elegant and inviting ambiance with opportunity to refresh oneself during a stop-over.

Showing 1-5 of 5