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9000 Series Panic Hardware

dormakaba offers a complete line of panic hardware for virtually any egress control installation in which security, reliability and appearance are considerations. Our devices cover the full range of hardware requirements found in such places of public assembly as hospitals, universities and schools, public auditorium, commercial buildings, hotels and municipal buildings.

ARCOS, Fittings for Toughened Glass Assemblies

Wherever glazing and its hardware need to merge into a single entity, our new ARCOS product line offers the ideal transition. Offering gentle lines with a flowing design, this range of fixings, fittings and furniture provides the perfect blend between the two primary materials. Metal and glass appear to combine seamlessly – with the arc like curvature of the ARCOS range characterising all the hardware in the programme.

Argus Sensor Barriers and Gates

The units of the Argus product family consist of a sensor controlled passageway with automatic doors in different versions. There are two product lines available, depending on how the door wings open. The well proven HSB Sensor Barriers are equipped with swing doors and allow for customised design combinations thanks to a variety of materials and finishes. You can choose between stainless steel housing and transparent side walls matching the design of the entrance area. Moreover the sensor barriers are available in three different lengths. The HSG Sensor Gates are equipped with sliding doors available in different heights. Further features are the premium sensor system and the solid stainless steel housing.

Charon half-height turnstiles

Charon half-height turnstiles are ideal for use in stylish interiors thanks to their wide range of design options. These stylish turnstiles and swing doors provide an effective way of managing the flow of visitors and staff in prestigious entrance foyers, VIP areas or at the entrance to management floors. All units can be combined with time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems.

DORMA BTS 80 & BTS 75 V floor springs

Both models are suitable for left/right hand and single/double doors, offering concealed installation for maximum visual elegance. They feature hydraulically controlled closing and backcheck. Closers offer spring strength of EN 3, 4 and 6 (BTS 80) and EN 1-4 (BTS 75 V), conform to DIN EN 1154 and are certified to ISO 9001. A universal cover plate is adaptable for all types of door and is available in stainless steel or satin brass. A range of interchangeable spindles provides greater floor clearance and special spindles are offered. Constant closing cycle is temperature independent. Other accessories include door straps, top centres and sealing compound for filling cavities between floor spring body and cement box.

DORMA BTS 80F Floor springs

Specifically designed for fire and smoke doors, the BTS range of floor springs is Certifire approved. Proven & robust, units are for doors weighing up to 300 kg. Closing force options are EN 4, 5 & 6. All models have closing speed variable by valve adjustment. BTS 80 F has variable latching action, mechanical backcheck, cement box and hydraulically fully controlled closing from 175 degrees. BTS 80 EMB has variable latching action, mechanical backcheck, cement box, electro hydraulic hold-open and integral pressure compensation feature for multipoint hold-open between 75 and 175 degrees. BTS 80 FLB has an electro hydraulic, free-swing feature between 0 and 180 degrees with, in de-energised condition, closing action from 180 degrees and backcheck.

DORMA BTS 84 Floor spring

BTS 84 is a double action floor spring, specially developed for aluminium and toughened glass doors with weights of up to 100 kg. It provides concealed installation and a minimal floor recess depth. It features hydraulically controlled closing and backcheck. Closers offer spring strength of EN 2, 3 and 4. Closing ranges are, valve 1, 130-0 degrees sweep and, valve 2 increases closing speed between 130 and 20 degrees. Optional hold-open enables door to be held at 90 or 105 degrees. A universal cover plate is supplied in stainless steel or satin brass and interchangeable spindle inserts are available to suit site conditions. High mechanical efficiency enables easy door opening and operation is smooth and thermoconstant.

DORMA EM Hold-open magnets

This range of hold-open magnets offers a modular system for flexibility in application and a uniform appearance. Models offer optimum holding force, minimum power consumption and concealed cable run. Range offers choices of surface-, flush- and floor-mounted models (the latter using a floor angle bracket), holding force of 100 or 400 N, anti-remanence pin and test pushbutton. All models include polarity reversal protection. Accessories include floor angle bracket, adapter frame and separate manual release switch. Finishes are white and stainless steel. Units are quick and easy to fix.

DORMA ES200 - Sliding Door Operator

The new, innovative DORMA ES 200 sliding door operator system offers the perfect solution for all applications and service requirements.

DORMA FFT FLEX GREEN - Automatic Folding Doors

The first folding door that provides for maximum clear opening width of 2.4m in tight spaces. FFT FLEX Green offers outstanding thermal separation, a quiet, dynamic operation and enhanced wind load resistance. It is particularly suitable for emergency exits and escape routes.

DORMA ITS 96 Concealed Cam-Action Door Closer System

ITS 96 system enables doors to retain their inherent appearance as the closer's compact body & slide channel can be installed hidden in the door's leaf/frame; suitable for doors of min. 40 mm thickness. Spring strengths are EN 2-4 and EN 3-6. Closers from this range are suitable for standard and fire and smoke check doors and are ideal where doors are integral to the surrounding interior design. The cushioned limit stay with progressive damping affords protection for the wall and door. Closing is reliable and fully controlled with adjustable latch action. Closing strength and speed and latch action can be easily adjusted after fitting. Options include double action and hold-open facility. Accessories include pivot blocks and intumescent fire seals.

DORMA TS 71 Door closer

TS 71 door closers are suitable for standard and fire doors. It is easily and quickly fixed and its spring strength can be adapted to the door size by simply turning round the hinge plate. Size EN 3/4. Closers are of non-handed design. The constant closing action is virtually unaffected by temperature fluctuations and closing has adjustable latching action. Optimum closing speed adjustment is with two regulating valves. Units have standard arm and fixing bracket for parallel-arm assembly. Accessories comprise hold-open arm and mounting backplate. Closers have a choice of finishes - silver, dark brown, white and special colours.

Dorma TS 73 EMF Hold-open system

The DORMA TS 73 EMF is a combination of hydraulic door closer and electro-magnetic hold-open unit. In conjunction with a smoke detection system (e.g. DORMA RMZ), the TS 73 EMF can be used as a hold-open system for fire and smoke check doors. The hold-open of the door is performed under electro-magnetic control. In the event of a fire, the door is reliably closed by the integral hydraulic closer. The closing cycle is also initiated by manual door operation or automatically in the event of a power failure.

DORMA TS 73 V door closer

TS 73 hydraulic door closers are suitable for all standard interior and fire and smoke check doors. Adjustable closing force is EN 2-4 and this is easily and steplessly adjustable by an Allen key. Of compact shape and size, the closers are designed to be used with most door and frame details and are non-handed. They have high mechanical efficiency, low sensitivity to temperature change, a wide opening angle and a pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulics from abuse. Latch action is adjustable. The self-regulating backcheck affords optimum wall and door protection. Closing speeds for 180-15 degrees and 15-0 degrees are adjustable at 2 separate valves. Finishes are silver, white and special colours.

DORMA TS 83 Easy-Action Door Closer

The TS83 door closer is a multi-function, multi-purpose closer that can be adjusted to suit almost all types of door including standard, external and fire and smoke check doors; for EN 2-5 and EN 7. Of compact design with sturdy flat-form arm assembly, closers are non-handed and can be tailored to the requirements of the door by a simple adjustment. They have integral self-regulating backcheck and adjustable closing speed and latch action. Opening is by easy action and closing speed is virtually unaffected by temperature fluctuations. A choice of standard arm and hold-open arm with switch is offered. Added anti-corrosion protection for exposed or aggressive conditions is available to special order. Finishes are in silver, white or other colours.

DORMA TS 92 and TS 91 Cam Action Door Closers

Designed for internal use, the TS92 and TS 91 closers are tested & approved to EN 1154 and are offered in two EN sizes: 2-4 and 3. Of Contur design they may be used for fire & smoke check purposes. Closers are non-handed, easy to use and have a fully controlled closing action. Two regulating valves enable optimum adaptability of closing speed with reliable latching. Accessories include cushioned limit stay, hold-open units, mounting backplate, saddle plate and angle bracket. Closers are, selectively, available in white and special colours, silver, stainless steel and polished brass.

DORMA TS 93 Cam Action Door Closer System

TS 93 modular system in Contur design enables a small number of closers to be combined with different slide channels to meet virtually every functional requirement. EN2-5 & EN 5-7 versions are offered. The system is suitable for single and double doors and all fixing positions; its adjustable hydraulic function can be easily adapted for every door situation. Closers have an easy opening action and fully controlled, delayed closing. An integral smoke detector, with a service/maintenance indicator, is located in the slide channel. Different versions have hold-open fittings, including electro-mechanical, and frame- and ceiling- mounted smoke detectors. Closers have a choice of finishes - silver, white and special colours, stainless steel and polished brass.

DORMA TS 97 Cam Action Door Closer

TS 97 closer system features small dimensions and uniform lengths of body and slide channel. It offers ease of use & fully controlled, reliable closing with adjustable latching action. Size is EN 2-4. Closers are suitable for standard internal, fire and smoke check doors, both left and right handed. Units have single piece face plates without slots or fixing points and internal end caps. A dead stop unit to protect the wall and door is fitted as standard and a mechanical hold-open device is available as an optional accessory. Closing speed and latching actions are adjustable by valve. Closers have a choice of finishes - white and special colours, silver anodised and stainless steel and polished brass 'design' mock metallic surface coatings.

DORMA TS 99 Free swing slide-channel door closer

The DORMA TS 99 FL in Contur design is a hold-open device with a free-swing function. With a smoke detector system (e.g. DORMA RMZ) it can be used as a hold-open system for fire and smoke check doors. An integrated system with free-swing and hold-open functions and built-in smoke detector is available as DORMA TS 99 FLR/FLR-K. The free-swing feature enables the door to be operated without resistance and, in the event of an alarm or power failure, reliably close by the reinstating action of the door closer. Typical use is in homes for the elderly, centres for the disabled and hospitals. Spring strength is EN 4 and the closing speed is adjustable. Door closers are tested to EN 1154, hold-open device tested to EN 1155 and all products are CE marked.

DORMA TS68 Door Closer

With the TS 68, DORMA has developed a low-cost door closer which can be universally used on all common door types.

DORMA TS90 Impulse Cam-action door closer

The TS 90 Impulse combines technical superiority with outstanding value, and unites advanced design with convenient functionality all on the basis of its heart-shaped cam. With its installation versatility and inherent functional reliability, it is ideal for virtually any application. Certified to ISO 9001

dormakaba C-Lever Compact

Design and function: The c-lever compact offers award-winning design combined with a wide range of functions. You can control access precisely for an almost unlimited number of users according to specific places and time periods. You set the access rights and can change them quickly and flexibly, in standalone or wireless mode.


The c-lever pro is part of our comprehensive standalone portfolio dormakaba evolo. It supports the latest RFID technologies and is available with the wireless function: access rights are transmitted from your PC to the door components, wirelessly and in real time.

DORMAKABA compact reader 9104

The dormakaba compact reader 91 04 can be integrated dicreetly and easily in every building. As part of the award-winning dormakaba product portfolio, it has a premium, high-gloss design. User-friendly indication with visual and acoustic signalling whether access is granted.

DORMAKABA digital cylinder

Innovative and user-friendly: The digital cylinder allows you to control access to the right areas at the right times. Along with high-quality and award-winning design, the digital cylinder offers you a high level of security and flexibility.


The expert plus key blanks, keys and the system are protected by European patent EP2890856B1 until 2033. The registered figurative mark Mountain Peak gives the expert plus high recognition value.

DORMAKABA Pextra Guard

Pextra guard has been specifically designed to withstand a multitude of surreptitious and physical attacks and has many inbuilt safety features to lock the internal workings of the cylinder. If your cylinder activates, the external function of the cylinder will be protected preventing entry.


The electronic master key system with TouchGo function frees you from looking for your keys. Just touch the door handle and the lock recognizes if you have valid access rights. Whether for private or commercial use, as a standalone or online solution, TouchGo is perfect for everyone who values convenience as well as security

ED 100 A - 250 A - Automatic Swing Door Operators

The integrated wind-load control of our new ED100 and ED250 swing door operators mean that the system recognises and compensates for wind loads with a force of up to 150N. This ensures that the door remains closed and heat is retained within the building. The ESM (Energy Saving Mode) allows the safety sensors to be switched to standby saving up to 30% in energy consumption. The ED100 and ED250 are available as an automatic (A) version or a low energy (LE) version. The low energy version allows the door to be opened under power when required and used as a conventional manual swing door at all other times. Both versions have a low operating noise and the compact Contur design ensures they will integrate with other DORMA products.

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