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Delta Membrane Systems Limited is a manufacturer and provider of specialist structural waterproofing solutions, covering Types A, B and C waterproofing, combination waterproofing, damp proofing, basement drainage, flood resilience and ground gas protection.

We aim to deliver excellence by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Delta unites innovative products with highly skilled waterproofing design specialists. Our in-house team of technical consultants support our clients in providing comprehensive, reliable, and expert advance, identifying, and mitigating risk and establishing opportunities for added value. 

Delta’s On-Site Team (DOAS) offer technical solutions to project specifics from technician training to overseeing installation of Delta Systems and troubleshooting.

Our projects include commercial and residential structures, new-build and refurbishment, housing developments and civil infrastructure.

Our technical consultants cater to a diverse client base, including architects, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and homeowners all centred on latest industry guidance, current legislation, standards, and best practice.

Our nationwide network of Delta Registered Installers offers a fully guaranteed installation service.

Delta proudly supports the Women of Waterproofing Networking Group. An independent networking group that promotes gender equality in the waterproofing sector, seeking to inspire, retain and attract females.

Delivering world-class solutions, Delta is an impeccable partner on every project.


Our products comply with British Standards 8102:2022, 85500:2015 and 8485:2015+A1:2019, Broof(t4) and are BBA Certified.


Delta provides a full range of solutions for architects, specifiers, designers, developers, civil engineers, contractors, and homeowners. 

Our projects range from: commercial/residential developments, new-build and refurbishment, civil infrastructure projects, retail units and warehouses, leisure facilities, archives/libraries/vaults, hospitals, schools, underground rail stations and tunnelling, underground car parking areas, listed buildings, heritage buildings, ICF (insulated formwork construction) and basements.


Delta Services:


  • Manufacturer and supplier of quality construction products
  • Waterproofing design specialists
  • Remedial and retrofit design
  • Custom solutions
  • Qualified technical team
  • Detailed drawings including CAD
  • Specifications
  • Training and guidance
  • On-site assistance
  • Troubleshooting solutions
  • Monitored Installations – Contractor/Delta
  • Ongoing system monitoring of Type C Systems

Waterproofing Design Service

A Waterproofing Design Specialist provides expertise in structural waterproofing.

A Waterproofing Design Specialist should be appointed as part of the design team at the planning stage or as early as possible so that an integrated waterproofing solution is created.  All decision made by others that might have impact on the waterproofing deign should be brought to the attention of the Waterproofing Specialist, Design Team, and Installing Contractors. Final decisions and any recommendations should be approved by those taking overall responsibility for the design of the waterproofing. 

Identifying a Waterproofing Design Specialist can be difficult and daunting, Delta has their own in-house Technical Team who are able to offer Waterproofing Design Services. Our Waterproofing Design Consultants have:

  • Suitable qualifications and experience in Structural Waterproofing
  • Be able to list the principal considerations for a robust waterproofing design
  • Offer knowledge on waterproofing systems available
  • An in-depth understanding of BS 8102:2022 and its requirements
  • Able to assess risk and reducing risk in suitable waterproofing designs
  • Desk top study & risk assessment knowledge
  • An understanding of sources of water (such as how it flows through the soil and interacts with the structures)
  • Knowledge on all Types of waterproofing systems, their suitability to the project/an understanding of limitations on drainage options
  • Structural knowledge
  • Knowledge of Ground Gases
  • Geotechnical knowledge (to be able to understand the implications of a soil report)
  • The ability to produce a Design Report, Method Statements and Waterproof Design drawings
  • The ability to provide guidance that assists with and influences future maintenance of the waterproofed structure.

Maintainable Designs


Delta’s Waterproofing designs are designed and installed as a maintainable water management system. This is highlighted as a key requirement in BS 8102:2022, all components of the system should be accessible for both inspection and maintenance. 




Delta Membrane Systems Limited offer a 30-year Product Guarantee on membranes, seals, and fixings when a Delta Registered Installer has installed a Delta, Type C Cavity Drainage System.

Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant, Type C Waterproofing

Delta’s new innovative fire-retardant MS 500 membrane gives a unique opportunity to the structural waterproofing sector for Type C systems to be used in reducing the spread of fire or where installation has not previously been possible for fire safety reasons.

Delta’s new fire-retardant Type C Cavity Drainage System provides architectural freedom and allows systems to be used in not only deep basements but where national Building Regulations Euroclass B or C are required, meeting building requirements of today, but also that of tomorrow.

Delta MS 500 Fire offers a B-S2, d0 Euroclass fire rating (EN 13501-1:2018) whilst maintaining its strength, durability, functionality and workability.

The first and most important element of a Type C membrane is keeping structures dry. Water ingress will potentially result in a corrosive environment, with structures having a reduced life service. Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant has been manufactured using DELTASAFE, compared to the traditional MS 500 membranes.

In terms of appearance, Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant has the same physical properties to MS 500, a membrane designed from High-Density Polyethylene with 8mm stud.


Flood Testing/Integrity Testing 


The integrity of the waterproofing system should be checked and inspected on installation and immediately upon completion. If there is a delay before final handover or the laying of permanent coverings, a second test is strongly recommended. Test objectives should be decided upon prior to the method of testing.

Responsible manufacturing

Responsible manufacturing goes beyond traditional notions of green or sustainability.

As a responsible business, Delta provides waterproofing solutions that focus beyond environmental sustainability, we apply our principles to high-quality solutions. With targeted quality and safety measures at all levels - every day.

Achieving sustainability in manufacturing requires a comprehensive view spanning not just the product and the manufacturing processes, but also the entire supply chain, including product lifespan.

Delta provides life-cycle oriented designs, addressing life-cycle concepts and methods, deterioration and damage evaluation, life-cycle performance indicators, inspection and maintenance procedures all implemented to work in harmony.

BS 8201:2022

BS8102:2022 categorises structural waterproofing into three Types, these are: A, B & C.

Type A

Type A is defined as ‘barrier protection’. A material is used to offer a barrier to the passage of water. The barrier protection physically repressing water ingress on either the positive side of a below ground level structure (externally), the negative sides (internally) or sandwiched into the construction. Cementitious coatings, bituminous coatings, flexible sheet membranes, fully bonded membranes are all categorised within Type A ‘barrier protection’.

Type B

Type B is defined as ‘structurally integral protection’. Type B protection relies on the structure itself being constructed with concrete containing a water-resistant admixture. Structures providing Type B protection should be constructed from reinforced concrete or structured steel and designed in accordance with BS EN 1992 and BS EN 1993 respectively. 

Type C

Type C is defined as “drained protection”. BS 8102:2022 defines Type C, as a waterproof protection system that manages water that penetrates the external shell of a structure, by collecting this water in a cavity formed between the external wall and an internal lining/wall. There is a reliance of the Type C system to discharging any water which has percolated the structure via gravity drainage or a mechanical drainage system.

Grades of Waterproofing

Grades of waterproofing refer to water-tightness of the Type of waterproofing and desired robustness of the design at completion.


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Delta MS 500 Fire - Fire Retardant Studded Cavity Membrane - HDPE Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane

Delta MS 500 Fire - Fire Retardant Studded Cavity Membrane - HDPE Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane

Delta AT 800 - Gas Resistant Cavity Membrane

Delta AT 800 - Gas Resistant Cavity Membrane

Delta Amphibia 1.3mm - EPDM Multi-Layer Waterproofing Membrane

Delta Amphibia 1.3mm - EPDM Multi-Layer Waterproofing Membrane

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Delta Roof Guard QC - B4 (T-roof) Liquid Roofing Membrane

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£18m state of the art hotel with a double story basement - Structural Waterproofing

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Maintainable Waterproofing solutions

Maintainable Waterproofing solutions


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Delta Cavity Drain Brochure

Delta Cavity Drain Brochure

Delta Detailing Brochure

Delta Detailing Brochure

Trade names

  • Aquaduct
  • Delta Drainage Channel
  • Delta Dual V3
  • Delta Dual V4
  • Delta Floraxx
  • Delta Floraxx Top
  • Delta Gas Barrier System
  • Delta Gas Resistant DPC
  • Delta High Performance DPC
  • Delta MS-Drain
  • Delta NP Drain
  • Delta Preformed Units
  • Delta Protect
  • Delta Single V3 Sump
  • Delta Staufix
  • Delta System 500
  • Delta-Drain
  • Delta-Fassade
  • Delta-Fassade S
  • Delta-FM
  • Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro
  • Delta-Lath
  • Delta-MS
  • Delta-MS20
  • Delta-MS500
  • Delta-NP-Drain
  • Delta-PT
  • Delta-Terraxx
  • Delta-Thene
  • Delta-Trela
  • DualProof
  • NP-Drain
  • Plaster-Lath
  • PowerMaxx
  • Trela Plus
  • HLA
  • Delta UPS
  • Delta V3 Foul
  • Delta 800 Series
  • Delta 1000 Series
  • Packaged Pump Stations
  • High Level Alarms
  • Battery Backup
  • Delta Amphibia
  • Delta Basement Drainage