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Church Hall

Reducing reverberation with acoustic tiles - EcoTile Phonic acoustic panels were supplied to combat a noise reverberation problem in this church hall. The panels can be fitted as individual stand-alone panels as a design feature or can be butted together to form continuous wall linings. ‘The visual impression of the acoustic tiles is very good and acoustic performance superb. What a fantastic organisation you have! Expertise, experience, and first rate customer care in abundance’. Mike Dunning Church Warden St James, Ludgershall Andover.

Creative Media School

Resolving excessive low frequency reverberation - Custom Audio Designs was the first choice for the SAE Institute in Liverpool for guidance on reducing excessive low frequency reverberation in a pair of control and live rooms. The solution comprised the installation of a number of specialist-tuned low frequency units and diffusers positioned according to our acoustic detailing. ‘As soon as the products were installed you could immediately hear significant acoustic improvement’.

Event Planning & Catering Business

Creating acoustic comfort and attractive wall art - Creative Catering commissioned Custom Audio Designs to carry out a sound test in their client area, used for tasting sessions, showcasing table displays and cookery courses. The test revealed excessive reverberation, resulting in poor speech intelligibility and acoustic discomfort. Custom printed acoustic panels, featuring the client’s signature dishes, resolved the issue significantly reducing the overall reverberation time, improving acoustic comfort and softening the room’s ambience. ‘…the printed panels are FAB! Thank you so much for all your patience…They have fixed the problem…they’re great!’ Kaye Thompson – Founder and Creative Director, Creative Catering.

Financial Services Sector Organisation

Addressing privacy and speech intelligibility with striking, bespoke wall art - Custom Audio Designs’ acoustic consultants were commissioned to address privacy and speech intelligibility in the London offices of a prestigious financial services organisation. The solution comprised bespoke acoustic panels that not only fully addressed the noise problem but also provided striking, visually attractive wall art.

Healthy Living Cafe

Improved acoustic quality with ceiling acoustic panels - This Healthy Living venue, committed to improving the health and well-being of the local community, asked Custom Audio Designs to help with noise reverberation in their cafe. “Thank you for your work on this project. Everyone's very impressed with the acoustic panels, they've finished off the café perfectly and work well...there's a vast difference in acoustic quality compared to before the panels were in place.”

Independent Co-Educational School

Improving acoustic comfort in a drama room - A sound test performed by Custom Audio Design’s IOA-qualified technical team revealed that the Drama Room in this school suffered from excessive reverberation resulting in poor speech intelligibility and acoustic discomfort for children and staff. ProSonic FG acoustic panels and Echotiles were positioned on the walls and ceiling resulting in a reduction in overall reverberation time from a peak of 3.05 seconds to 0.7 seconds. The subsequent reverberant sound pressure level dropped by 6dB, providing enhanced acoustic comfort.

Motcombe Memorial Hall, Dorset

Motcombe Memorial Hall is a busy community hall in North Dorset, catering for a diverse range of activities from Scouts, Parish Council meetings and Pilates to Toddler Groups, as well as being a popular venue for weddings and birthday parties. The building consists of two halls, the Main Hall, built in 1928 and the Pavilion, a modern glass-fronted extension added in 2008. Unfortunately what was gained in capacity was lost in functionality, ‘…no-one could hear a thing’ due to excessive reverberation. The solution? several EcoTile Phonic acoustic panels were fitted to the Pavilion’s high vaulted ceiling.

Mottisfont Abbey, Romsey, Hampshire

The National Trust approached Custom Audio Designs to produce large custom-printed acoustic panels featuring a trompe l’oeil reworking of Mottisfont. This was a challenging project due to the panel sizes and ensuring they would piece together to provide an uninterrupted 8-metre long work of art. “Visitors are fascinated by the panels. They have great visual impact and the detail on them is extraordinary. People often think they are paintings and are surprised that such a wonderful piece of art also has such a practical acoustic function too.” Dr. Louise Govier, General Manager Mottisfont and SW Hants Group.

Multi-purpose School Hall

Addressing poor acoustics in a high arched space - Custom Audio Designs were commissioned to address the poor acoustics in this multi-purpose school hall with an extremely high arched ceiling. Access equipment and scaffolding were brought in to affix numerous acoustic ceiling panels, which were suspended by adjustable wires to fit the contours of the arched ceiling. The panels were colour matched to blend in and not distract from the beauty of the space.

Professional Sound Studios

Expertise and products meet tight acoustic industry standards - Our ProSonic FG panels were first choice for post-production facility specialist, Vivid Research, when they were tasked to design and build two film sound dubbing studios for Technicolor. ‘Controlling the acoustics within two studios on the 3rd floor of 100 year-old building surrounded by other working studios is no easy task. However, thanks to Custom Audio Design’s acoustic expertise and high performance products and our professional design and build capabilities, the project met the very tight acoustic standards required by Dolby and the film industry for studios used to mix soundtracks’.

Pub to Eco-Flats Conversion

‘Change of use’ for 18th century building - The challenge for ‘change of use’ was to fully comply with Building Regulations, including sound testing between ‘units’ for a property dated circa 1870. Our technical team designed a Part E compliant floating floor system – comprising acoustic membrane over the existing floor with IsoBase for a resilient layer, floated chipboard on top, fire-safe acoustic mineral wool between joists, and layers of acoustic plasterboard on resilient bars on the ceiling below. “All four flats exceeded the minimum and maximum sound insulation requirements for separating floors in conversions using your design…the inspector was impressed!”

Public Leisure Centre

Reducing discordant sound with attractive wall art - Users of this large gym area had to contend with uncomfortable echoing. Custom Audio Designs provided numerous custom designed acoustic panels, greatly improving acoustic comfort.

Public Swimming Pool

Softening sound reverberation with acoustic wall tiles - Custom Audio Designs replaced and managed the installation of these moisture resistant acoustic panels. Made of porous stone they greatly help to reduce echo in this large area.

Surrey Primary School

Controlling reverbation in school performance space - Long reverberation time and high background noise levels made this a jarring uncomfortable performance space. After fitting an aesthetically pleasing custom shaped panel, suspended from hidden wires, the performers were no longer competing with the bad acoustics, providing a more relaxing experience. Conforms to BB93.

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