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Advanced Decking - Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Composite Metal Decking

In an increasingly competitive environment and with tighter margins, speed and efficiency are key facets for achieving successful projects, in conjunction with providing a solution to satisfy the highest demands of the client. Cemex, in conjunction with Propex have developed Advanced Decking a fibre reinforced concrete for use on composite metal decking systems, eliminating the need for steel mesh. This delivers a significant reduction in reinforcement costs as well as faster and easier placement.

Advanced Flooring

CEMEX, the world leader in readymix concrete, have joined forces with Propex, specialists in fibre reinforced concrete. The result is CEMEX Advanced Flooring a carefully selected combination of fibre reinforcement, combined with an expert mix design which provides a unique mesh-free concrete, designed specifically to meet the demands of internal ground supported slabs

Advanced Paving - Exterior Fibre Reinforced Concrete

CEMEX, the world leader in readymix concrete, have joined forces with Propex, specialists in fibre reinforced concrete. The result is CEMEX Advanced Paving a carefully selected combination of fibre reinforcement, combined with an expert mix design which provides a unique mesh-free concrete, designed specifically to meet the demands of external ground supported slabs.

Beam & Block Floors - The Complete Guide

Readyfloor provides a a highly practical yet easy suspended flooring system. With over 20 years experience, from design and specification through to after sales support, CEMEX has leveraged it's technical knowledge nd expertise to develop Readyfloor as a market leading solution.

Blended Cements

Is pure your preferred choice? Better think again. Cemex blended cement 02/03 The blended benefi T Is pure your preferred choice? Better think again. CEMEX blended cement concrete is more sustainable, stronger and easier to work with. And its versatility makes it the key to profitability for more and more construction projects around the UK, from large pours and slabs in buildings to bridges, tunnels, marine structures and more.

CEMEX Pavebase - Technical Datasheet

STREETPAVE PaveBase silo, bulk and 25kg bag bedding materials are designed to comply with the requirements of BS 7533 pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers

CEMEX Pavegrip - Technical Datasheet

STREETPAVE PaveGrip is a high-performance priming and bonding mortar specially designed for natural stone and pre-cast concrete paving units, for use in bonded/rigid construction in commercial and public area projects.

CEMEX UK -Product Guide

With over 100 years experience and over 60,000 employees in more than 50 countries, CEMEX is one of the world’s leading suppliers of building materials. In the UK, we are a leading supplier of ready-mixed concrete, mortar, screed, aggregates, asphalt and cement. We have a significant share of the roof tile and concrete block markets, and we are the leading supplier of concrete sleepers to the rail industry. We also offer surfacing solutions.

Dove White Mortar

CEMEX Dove Holes White is a blend of white cement and factory produced fines, which are specifically selected for their inherent stability of colour that has enabled us to achieve a market leading level of whiteness.

Dove White Mortar - Case Study

As part of Blackpools regeneration project, Festival House provides a focal point for visitors, a restaurant and a registrar office with ceremony hall. This case study details the usage of our pioneering white mortar used in the construction of this iconic building.

Dry Silo Mortar

CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar is made up of precisely weighed materials to produce the best quality mortar. Prepared in purpose built production units, the mortar has a guaranteed strength content and controlled air content. The system also accurately monitors the addition and mixing of pigments, for consistent colour throughout the mix. Masonry mortars are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 998-2 and are registered under the CE marking scheme. Mixes can be supplied in a full range of strength classes and colours to meet precise requirements. Since all products comply with relevant British and European standards, with CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar you get total quality from the outset.

Evolution - Imagination Made Concrete

Self compacting concrete is gradually becoming the preferred formulation worldwide for many applications such as foundations, floors, walls and complex structures. It combines great strength and superb finishes with the opportunity to make serious project productivity improvements, advances in health & safety and in sustainability.

Evolution Flooring

Evolution Flooring is a self-levelling and self compacting concrete with low viscosity and free flowing characteristics designed for all types of flooring applications. It sets with a smooth surface that needs no vibration and minimal further finishing.

Evolution Foundation

Evolution Foundation is a high performance concrete specially formulated to demonstrate excellent free-flowing and self-levelling characteristics. It's a versatile, economical, easy to place concrete specifically for use in foundation and trench applications.

Evolution Structural

Evolution™ Structural is a self-compacting concrete with low viscosity and free flowing characteristics designed for pouring into walls, columns, beams and precast applications. It sets with a smooth surface that needs no vibrating and no further finishing. Eliminating vibration makes Evolution ™ Structural a very attractive solution for any work above ground level or in precast factories

Evolution Ultimate

Evolution Ultimate offers the best possible specification in high performance self-compacting concrete with high strength and fluidity that allows concrete to flow through complex structures or detailed formwork with outstanding results. Wherever design challenges the concrete performance with congested work areas or complex reinforcement, Evolution Ultimate is the natural choice.

Experts in Mortar

CEMEX Mortars offer a full range of mortars to the building industry from a network of dedicated facilities throughout the UK. Ready to Use mortar is a designated product supplied to site requiring no further mixing and can be retarded for several days. This product can be used on projects of all sizes from small domestic extension to a multi story development. Dry Silo Mortar is an efficient and innovative product particularly for larger site, providing assurance on colour, consistency and controlled workability and ensuring maximum productivity through a first class silo replenishing service. The product is designed on strength and complies with the current European and British Standards. Ready to Use and Dry Silo Mortar from CEMEX can provide the most appropriate solution to

Farmpave - Agricultural Concrete

Readymix Farmpave is a high strength, durable concrete for use on external paved areas subjected to the constant loading and scraping imposed by farm vehicles and machinery. It is also designed to resist damage from frost and the aggressive conditions found in an agricultural environment. Readymix Farmpave reflects the growing emphasis on statutory regulation and farm assurance schemes and makes selection of the appropriate product simple, yet effective

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

With CEMEX Readymix you can be assured of getting the best range of concrete solutions, specifically designed to high specifications for various end uses. Polypropylene Fibre Concrete is versatile and can be used in most applications

Innovation in Asphalt

Whether infrastructure, urban or industrial roadways, Cemex have the Asphalt solution to meet the challenging requirements of todays roadway projects

Insularis - Comfort by Design

Novel concrete technologies combined with a unique product development approach that offers solutions that improve thermal insulation and acoustic performance of concrete. A solution based on a construction system that consists of 100% ready-mix concrete designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings: thermal insulation properties superior to conventional concrete and effective in the reduction of thermal bridges.

Marine Aggregate Solutions

Aggregates from the seabed satisfy a significant and expanding proportion of the UKs requirement for these most fundamental of construction materials. Over 20% of the nations demand for sand and gravel is now met by marine aggregates and CEMEX UK Marine Limited is one of the countrys leading exponents of sourcing and supplying these materials

Microtech - High Performance Concrete

When you are placing conrete in harsh conditions where aggressive chemicals or high levels of abrasion are present then you need a high performance concrete that can provide the highest levels of durability and technical performance. Cemex Microtech is a range of advanced concretes, carefully formulated with microsilica and the latest admixture technology to produce high high performance concretes with exceptional levels of durability in the harshest of environments.

Mortar Colour Guide

Cemex produces a full range of factory-produced colour Mortar products, ensuring that whatever the aesthetic requirements of your project, Cemex has a Mortar product tailored to suit

Multistore - Agricultural Concrete

Readymix Multistore is a high strength durable and load bearing concrete for use on internal concrete floors for general and specific storage requirements. With a good structural design and the use of Readymix Multistore a hygienic cleanable storage facility can be created providing a barrier between ground water and the stored material. This is essential in meeting current legislation and quality assurance scheme

Permaflow - Permeable by Design

With paved surfaces all around us, the new Permaflow range addresses the building and construction industry need for a permeable concrete product that can be used in large areas of surfacing and minimises water run-off. Surface water management, including the laying of Permaflow, can help prevent possible flash flooding and pollution of the water table, rivers and streams. Research has indicated that extreme summer rainfall may become more frequent in the UK, highlighting a continued growing need for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) to be an integral part of any development. Permaflow has been designed to have a network of interconnecting voids which allow water to free-flow through the product to the level of the water table.

Permaflow - Permeable Concrete

Permaflow by CEMEX is permeable concrete technology that provides the optimal solution for surface and storm water management

Permaflow Technical Datasheet

Permaflow is a pervious concrete mixture, carefully designed to have a network of interconnecting voids which allow the movement of water, providing the optimal solution for surface and storm water management.

Permatite - Integral Waterproof Concrete

CEMEX Permatite is a type B integral waterproofingsystem manufactured by CEMEX utilising Fosroc's state of the art waterproofing technology. The product is manufactured in closely controlled, quality assured Ready-Mix plants and is readily available from all of our 240 locations.

Porofoam - Foamed Concrete

Porofoam is a range of low density foam concretes designed specifically for voidfill, stabilisation and other lightweight applications.

Promptis - Rapid Hardening Concrete

In an ever more demanding and extremely competitive environment, with tight deadlines and even tighter margins, speed and efficiency which save time are critical. Promptis, from CEMEX, is a new rapid hardening concrete solution that can help save valuable hours.

Readymix Flooring

Readymix Flooring is available for two specific flooring standards – Readymix Flooring (U) for unreinforced floors and Readymix Flooring (R) for reinforced steel flooring applications

Readymix Foundation

Readymix Foundation is a versatile, economical and durable concrete that is designed specifically for use in foundations and groundwork for house, garage and conservatory applications. Other uses include foundations for outbuildings and supporting structures such as retaining walls |and terraces

Readymix Paving

Readymix Paving is a strong and durable concrete that’s perfect for use in outdoor paved areas such as driveways, paths, patios, and pavements. Containing specially formulated admixtures it has been designed to withstand freeze-thaw damage in winter conditions. A high quality concrete, it can be finished in a variety of ways to offer a textured or smooth surface. Readymix Paving can also be laid to slopes and drainage falls.

Resilia - High Strength & High Ductility Concrete

A Concrete Technology engineered to achieve unprecedented mechanical performance and durability A special ready-mix concrete solution addressing challenges where high strength and high ductility are required.

Showing 1-36 of 53