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Car Park Storage

Car Park Storage

VEBOX storage - Danish design - British made - 60mins fireproof

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The VEBOX stand within a car space, are super strong, secure and safe (60 mins+ fire protected), and provide residents with an extra 80 cubic feet of storage for bikes, children's toys, sports equipment, suitcases and other bulky household items.

For developers, a VEBOX in car spaces can function as a storage box and private bike locker (for 2 bikes plus other household items), with the potential to significantly enhance cycle storage provision - and possibly help reduce the cycle store size (freeing up more area for car spaces). 

In creating 2.2 cubic metres of extra storage, VEBOX are an effective way to significantly increase dwelling storage, creating the equivalent of 40-100% of the minimum storage provision requirement per the London design guide for 1-3 bed dwellings.

Whilst not intended to replace built-in storage and bike stores, VEBOX are a perfect way to significantly enhance the provision of both.

For BTR investors and operators, the VEBOX can be leased to residents as a new amenity, creating an increase in the yield from car spaces of potentially 30-50%+ per annum, whilst taking up zero space.

The VEBOX can also be configured Locker-style (sideways) and stacked as Doubles, depending on requirements.

The benefits of VEBOX car space storage include:

  • 60mins+ fire protection
  • 10 year+ working life
  • Zero maintenance (it's a metal box on legs with two gas struts)
  • HDG steel construction (Hot Dipped Galvanised)
  • If leased to users, payback is typically within 3-5 years.
  • 6 year full warranty
  • Capital allowance claimable (depending on usage)


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Trade names

  • VEBOX, Car Park Storage