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Capital Damp-Proof Course

Capital DPC is manufactured for use within brick, stone and concrete walls and will provide a robust damp proof barrier to prevent the rise of damp in structure walls. Made from 100% recycled polythene materials Capital DPC provides an environmentally friendly and extremely durable DPC guaranteed to meet British Building Regulations.

Membrane Installation Guide

To ease the installation process we have created a step by step guide to all our system components to ensure effective jointing, continuity and protection

Radbar 300mu Radon Gas Barrier

Radbar 300µm is a manufactured blown polythene, mono layer film produced from virgin polymer. Radbar radon resisting membrane is a passive control system.

Radbar 500mu Amber 1 Gas Barrier

Radbar® 500 Micron Amber 1 Gas Barrier is a safe solution to prevent the ingress of Radon gas when used in the construction of buildings and dwellings.

Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier

Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier is manufactured from high quality reinforced polythene with an aluminium core, it complies with the latest codes of practice as published by the BRE and CIRIA. Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier protects buildings, properties and occupants from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases. It has been independently tested to ISO 15105-1 and complies fully to BS 8485:2015, making this high quality membrane suitable for use on NHBC Amber 2 sites. Sites that may require Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier include former coalfields, contaminated industrial sites, landfill and brown field sites.

Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane

1000 Micron thick flexible tri-polymer membrane designed to prevent the ingress of Hydrocarbon gases into a building. Complies to BS8485:2015 for methane and co2. Also acts as a damp proof membrane.

Radbar Gas Resistant DPC BBA Certificate

British Board of Agrement certificate for Radbar Gas Resistant DPC. The DPC is for use in situations where Radon, Carbon Dioxide or Methane is present. Radbar Gas Resistant DPC complies with BS8485:2015

Radbar High Performance Damp Proof Course

Radbar High performance Damp Proof Course is certified by the BBA. Radbar High Performance DPC prevents the ingress of moisture and Radon and is suitable for use in walls constructed of brick, stone or concrete.Other benefits include: Superior mortar adhesion due to prominent embossing High puncture and tear resistance Can be used in 3+ storey applications

Radbar Hydrocarbon DPC

Radbar Hydrocarbon Damp Proof Course is a high quality tri-polymer that prevents the ingress of hydrocarbon, methane, carbon dioxide and radon gases. The DPC has been developed to offer superior chemical resistance while remaining supple for ease of installation. Radbar DPC is suitable for sites that have been contaminated by methane and other hydrocarbons, such as petrol stations or landfill sites. Radbar Hydrocarbon DPC is compliant to both BS EN 14909:2012 and BS 8485:2015. It can be joined with tapes or by welding.

Top Hat Installation

How to make a gas-tight seal when a pipe passes through a membrane.

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