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Care Brochure

Bristan's range of products for care allows you to meet the challenges of specifying for this ever-growing sector while providing safety and comfort, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Doc M

Bristan has a fully comprehensive, easy-to-maintain range of DocM products. Our DocM products are available in blue or white corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel, for durability, strength and hygiene.

DOCM Leaflet

For complete ease of specification when considering for the less able, Bristan offer DocM products packs, which provide a one-stop-shop for the full scope of DocM requirements and where relevant are LABC approved.

Education Brochure

The Bristan range of taps and showers is designed to meet the needs of education at every level. Whether it's specifiers who demand the highest levels of safety and compliance, or the teachers and students who rely on them every day.

Electronic Controls

Non-touch taps and washroom controls which operate when human contact comes within their range, allowing significant scope for water-saving and cost efficiencies. They also help to optimise hygiene by lessening the risk of cross-contamination.

H64 Leaflet

Designed specifically to meet the acute demands of the medical environment, the Bristan H64 has long been favored as the go-to tap product of choice by commercial providers seeking to optimise hygiene and efficiency.

Healthcare Brochure

Bristan's range of products for healthcare allows you to meet the challenges of specifying for this most demanding of sectors while creating a safer, more comfortable washroom environment for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Healthcare Whitepaper

This definitive study by Bristan brings together the views of 200 frontline workers and their varying approaches to controlling waterborne infections in a healthcare setting.

Infrared Shower Leaflet

Bristan's perfect time flow showers are built for robust use giving ultimate control, efficiency and peace of mind. They also meet BREEAM requirements.


The Bristan shower range has the practicality and flexibility to meet the demands of most specifications. Most showers are thermostatic and many have TMV3 approval making them ideal for all applications where hot water safety is of paramount importance.

Social Housing Brochure

The Bristan range of taps and showers is designed to meet the needs of Social Housing at every level. Whether its specifiers who demand great looks along with the highest standards of safety and compliance, or the tenants and their families who rely on them every day.

Solo Non Thermostatic Basin Mixer Leaflet

The Solo non thermostatic taps from Bristan offer a credible alternative and solution where a thermostatic product is either not required or deemed unnecessary by risk assessment.

Specifier - Technical Knowledge

We have combined 140 years of commercial expertise gained through the legacy that was Gummers with the breadth and depth of range offered by Bristan, the UKs number one domestic taps and showers brand. In doing this we are able to bring a wide range of water efficient showers, specialist washroom controls, time flow basin taps and mixers, shower heads and flow regulators, all designed to help commercial environments use water efficiently for the prevention of undue consumption.


Bristan have a broad range of thermostatic taps with TMV3 approval that are ideal for healthcare and for any other commercial application where temperature safety and comfort are important. For residential projects our taps are fully compliant to UK water regulations and our portfolio of bathroom taps will suit any house type.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) significantly reduce the risk of scalding. They allow water to be stored and distributed at high temperatures while reducing the outlet temperature at the point of use.

Washroom Brochure

Whether youre specifying taps and showers for leisure centres, hotel washrooms, offices or any other commercial application, the Bristan range offers the perfect mix of performance, style and luxury.

Showing 1-27 of 27