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Concrete Finishes - Contemporary Security Entrance Doors

Venezia Materia showcases Oikos’ newest, design orientated door finishes. Envisioned by Carlo Scarpa, and featuring his signature stepped design, Venezia takes an inventive, refreshing approach to concrete finishes (among other materials) creating themes complimentary to both contemporary and classical building styles. Oikos interior and exterior doors are security conscious with a steel frame and steel core.

Door Brochure

Oikos’ designer security doors and wall systems amplify project creativity. Although the brochure predominantly showcases modern, linear products, Oikos has the ability to create custom designs suitable for everything from listed Georgian buildings to glazed apartment blocks. Oikos doors are break-in resistance rated (from C3 upwards), water, wind, and fire resistant, with a steel frame and steel core.

Entrance Security Door

Multi-performance, armour-plated, and available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Evolution by Oikos is the ultimate security door. Technical brilliance and a wide range of aesthetic possibilities make this product a prime architectural and design solution. Evolution is class 4 break-in resistant, with a fire rating of El60.

ES Finestra - Zero 1 Window

ES Finestra windows are designed to enhance natural light; glass panes that extend right up to the outside edge of the frame allow the sections to sit flush against one another, creating an uninterrupted exterior membrane. The first fully glazed window to offer protection in all weathers in addition to thermal and sound insulation, ES Finestra's dedication to linear precision and light creates a minimalist focal point; a transcendence between interior and exterior design. Sliding doors are also available.

ESTER: Slim Frame Window System

Uncompromising and forward-thinking Italian design meets contemporary styling and modern energy efficiency standards. Esters main design characteristics is its slim frames, bringing attention to where its deserved: the glass, the light, and the view. It encourages a clear view out of the window onto surrounding landscapes, and lets up to 40% more light in than a traditional uPVC window.

Nova: The Pivoting Glass Security Door

NOVA is a fully glazed, weatherproof entrance door that couples glass and aluminium to incredible aesthetic effect. Novas certified Class 3 Break-In Resistance makes this an exceptional security door, specifiable with security or thermal glass. By literally playing to its strengths, the cleverly-designed concealed pivot hinge can support the weight of a glass door specified up to 6.3m high, and up to 3.5m wide.

Synua: Pivot Door & Wall System

Synua, the revolutionary security door that opens environments instead of closing them up, makes contemporary living gracious and comfortable. Thanks to its size and vertical pivot operation, this product makes the most of natural lighting effects and is highly appraised by architects and designers worldwide because of its dual mastery of form and function. With a steel frame and core, Synua is C3 security rated and is available with an integrated door to wall system.

Tekno: Flush Security Door

Championing the Oikos security door, the Tekno’s greatest design feature is its unique, invisible hinge, which disappears when the door is closed. This piece is ideal for projects looking to combine aesthetic refinement and high security or fire safety standards. Fire rated at El30, El60, El90 and class 3 break-in resistant, Tekno is the perfect security conscious replacement for the unappealing, regulation fire-door.

Showing 1-8 of 8