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Birmingham Metropolitan Staron Bright White

As part of an extensive refurbishment scheme, Birmingham Metropolitan College libraries required a number of surfaces that could both accommodate internet access points and provide design flexibility. And while the finished solution would need to be long lasting, deadlines on the project were exceptionally short. With precious little design time available, Staron® Bright White was recommended thanks to its strength, versatility and ready availability due to its popularity with contractors. The 12mm solid surface was used with a lime green high-pressure laminate to create the curved shapes the project demanded.

Caffe Rizzoli Meadowhall Shopping Centre

In Sheffield’s super busy Meadowhall shopping centre, standing out from the retail masses requires exceptional design. So when Caffé Rizzoli were creating their new eatery and Prosecco bar, they wanted contemporary seating, counters and surfaces that could withstand the hustle and bustle of both the kitchen and shopping centre. Staron® Bright White was chosen for the eatery’s seating, kitchen surfaces and food service areas. Thanks to the product’s versatility and strength, sweeping thermoformed shapes could be effortlessly created for the perimeter that allowed for the installation of recessed lighting and glass screens.

Natural History Museum

When London’s Natural History Museum had the opportunity to display the world’s most complete Stegosaurus skeleton, no risks were taken. A design solution was therefore required that would raise the installation above ground level to prevent accidental collisions, while also hide the supportive steel frame from view. An outer plinth constructed from Staron® was created that beautifully complemented, and cleverly disguised, the complex steel frame. As the inner frame sat on bespoke shock-absorbent feet, it was also essential that the outer plinth have no contact with it at any point.

Smethwick Mosque

Used by thousands of worshippers weekly, Smethwick’s Jamia Masjid Anwar Ul Uloom Mosque required a number of new design installations that would further enhance this place of holy prayer. Primarily, this is comprised of a new foot washing room and an eye-catching fountain in the lobby area. Staron® was used for both projects thanks to its waterproof quality and ability to be easily thermoformed to create intricate shapes. The natural stone appearance of Staron® Genesis was chosen for the troughs, stools and walls in the washing room, which featured a highly decorative inlay in contrasting Staron® Aspen Sky.

Showing 1-4 of 4