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A delicate balance of modern and traditional design

With striking blue walls and accent wallpapers, the designer masterfully balances the modern aesthetic of the apartment with the traditional versailles parquet design. These bordered panels bring a sense of structure and symmetry that is reflected by the fittings around the dwelling.

Bespoke designer flooring for a rustic vibe

Featuring one of our designer series products, this bespoke finished European oak flooring defines the character of the house and its tenants. With a bit of a rustic vibe and its grey tone, it matches perfectly with the decoration and furniture.

Bright spacious terraced apartment with 1 strip multiply flooring

This spacious apartment located in the heart of London features our 1 strip multiply flooring and with natural wood colour variation the flooring happens to reflect the bricked houses around the property, tying the modern apartment to its surroundings. The warm colour of the wood also creates a sense of coziness in the open plan apartment.

Dark chevron and sharp contrasts

Dark chevron flooring has proved to be a very popular choice of late, and has certainly made its way into many luxury apartments due to its perfect compatibility with marble. This apartment also made use of different materials such as metal and glass, as well as sharp colour contrasts to define the modern aesthetic we see here in the finished product.

Duplex apartment designed for maximum comfort

A modern duplex apartment where the designer specified a warm and light 1 strip inspiration flooring. Situated in a busy city, the home had to be a place of relaxation and comfort that the homeowner could go back to after a busy day at work.

Galliard Homes Showroom

We proudly supplied the flooring for this 3200 sqm Galliard Homes project which proved to be a great success for the developer and investors alike. The light coloured wood made the space look more spacious which reflects the open floor plan.

Harmony of gold detailing and walnut flooring

Following the trend of pairing walnut flooring with light-coloured furniture and fixings, we wanted to showcase this product in the master bedroom. The gold detail around the light trough adds a sense of luxury to the room, and its yellow tone is reflected in the wood colour which introduces cohesiveness into the design.

Luxury apartment lobby fitted with walnut chevron

Regal decorations perfected with walnut chevron flooring - The mezzanine level of a luxury apartment building that features our stunning American walnut chevron flooring. It immediately elevates the entire room to another level of opulence. The walnut and its surrounding marble set the tone for the rest of the building and communicates a high level of quality to both tenants and visitors alike.

Modern luxury apartment features light chevron flooring

We've noticed that Chevron has been increasingly popular especially for luxury residential properties, and it's easy to see why. The satisfying zig-zag pattern makes the room look visually more spacious while bringing the warmth of nature through its colour and material.

Simple striking corridor with natural facade and flooring

A welcoming corridor with seamless and subtle storage space hidden by a wall facade that matches the Chevron, while the circular mirror and lighting cuts through the straight lines. The use of grey-tones with natural materials allows them to shine and create the simple and striking space you see here.

Showing 1-12 of 12