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Bilco UK Roof Access Brochure

Roof access hatches, automatic smoke vents, fixed vertical ladders, companionway ladders, retractable ladders, and safety products are featured. Standard models are backed by special products and the expertise of the company's technical department.Roof hatches provide safe and convenient roof access by means of an interior ladder, ship stair, or service stair. CE marked Smoke vents are designed to satisfy Building Regulations and meet Approved Document B, BS 9999 and European Standards enshrined in EN 12101. Safety products include a hatch rail system, safety post and fall protection gratings.

Control Options

Bilco UK controls and accessories are designed to work effectively with the range of Natural Smoke Ventilators and Roof Hatches. The OS2 control unit can be a stand-alone management system - in its own right, or it can be integrated into a fully-networked fire alarm or BMS system. In the event of a fire, if the mains electrical supply to the building is cut, the OS2 offers a fail-safe option as it incorporates a backup battery system to ensure the Natural Smoke Vents will still open. Special control units for unique applications can also be manufactured.

Smoke Vent ESW-50REM 1260x1260mm

ESW-50REM natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator for use above stairwell. This product is CE mark to comply with Construction Products Regulation 2013

TYPE BL-Z Retractable Ladder

The ladders are manufactured from die-cast aluminium alloy. The backboards are made from 18mm block wood.

TYPE FR - 2hr Fire Rated Floor Access Door

The TYPE FR Floor Access Door maintains the fire rating of a 2-hour floor/ceiling assembly for buildings where access is required between floors. Fire rated Floor Access Doors feature an automatic closing system, intumescent fire resistant coating, and pan cover designed to accept architectural flooring materials for concealed permanent, safe access.

TYPE J-AL/JD-AL 300PSF Floor Access Door with Drainage

TYPE J-AL/JD-AL 300PSF Floor Access Doors with Drainage - single and double leaf floor access doors with channel drainage. Suitable for exterior applications and for areas requiring up to 300psf loading.

TYPE J-FR - 1hr Fire Rated Floor Access Door

Fire Rated Floor Access Door to grant convenient access through a fire rated floor without affecting fire code compliance. The J-FR will contain the flames and limit heat transmission between fire rated floor/ceiling assemblies - it features fireproof coating, balanced cover operation, and is available with a specially designed closing mechanism to ensure the door closes automatically when a fire occurs. Complies with BS476: Part 22 for a 1-hour fire rating

Showing 1-17 of 17