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No blind spots

Selecting a high security fence which is both functional and has a discreet visual impact can often be a challenge. The fence needs to be strong enough to delay and deter intruders but offer visibility for security cameras and patrols. Betafence’s Securifor® range has been designed to allow clear visibility through the tightest of angles while still maintaining a high level of security. Securifor® is perfect for surveillance and security patrols - to deter and expose unwanted visitors and protect your property. SR1 and SR2 rated systems are available on request for projects that require these systems.

Security is key for Northforeshore Film Studios in Giants Park, Belfast.

The 120,000sq ft complex will house studios plus production offices and workshops for building sets. The construction of the film studios is regarded as a key development and is expected to attract lots of perspective film makers to produce in Belfast. The sites rural location coupled with the value of equipment and assets, meant a high security perimeter protection solution was required. Betafence Securifor® 358 was chosen as the preferred fencing system due to its secure, discreet anti-climb mesh. The new building can be seen from all angles looking over Belfast due to its striking cladding system.

Showing 1-2 of 2