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Bereco Adjustment Guide

This easy to follow, practical how-to handbook guides you through any seasonal and routine maintenance adjustments that may be required in the months and years after your installation.

Bereco Inspirational Brochure 2015/2016

This guide to Bereco offers you an overview of what Bereco can do for you, your clients and their projects. Introducing Bereco High Performance Bespoke Timber Windows and Doors our product catalogue provides an overview of our company our products and our services. Showcasing our business philosophy, history, our accreditations and achievements along with Our Contemporary, Traditional and Heritage Window Ranges, our Bespoke Entrance Door Range and our specially designed Creative Door Range.

Bereco Installation Guide

This document outlines Bereco's recommendations for the installation of timber windows and door sets to ensure compliance with the latest update to the British Standard Code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and external door sets BS8213-4: 2016

Bereco Routine Maintenance Guide

This easy to follow routine maintenance guide offers step-by-step instructions on when you should maintain, the use of our clean and care sets, how to carry out effective timber and finish repairs, caring for and maintaining any factory fitted hardware and when to start thinking about and how to carry out a first and subsequent redecoration of your Bereco timber windows and doors.

Choose Your Style

The complete guide to styling your Bereco timber windows and doors.

Coatings & Finish Application Certificate

Bereco is the only timber windows and doors supplier in the UK with membership to the Bluesky Paint Application Scheme. Membership to the scheme is voluntary and demonstrates our continued commitment to supplying products that are factory finished to the highest possible standard. The whole paint application process is fully documented and monitored to ensure coatings are applied in the correct environment, using the correct tools by personnel that are trained to the highest standards. The paint system used in our factories is regularly audited by Bluesky to ensure a high quality factory finish is achieved on all our timber windows and doors.

Enhanced Security Windows Certificate

Bereco are members of the Bluesky Enhanced Security Windows and Enhanced Security Door Schemes; the aim of the schemes to raise the ongoing standard of window and door security in homes across the UK. Under the scheme our timber windows and doors are tested and certified to PAS 24:2016, the enhanced security performance requirement for windows and doors in the UK. PAS24:2016 is the performance standard for windows and doors required by Secured by Design, the national police initiative that aims to reduce and prevent crime in properties across the UK and for compliance with the new Part Q introduced to the building regulations in October 2015.

General Performance Windows Certificate

BS 644 specifies the requirements of factory assembled timber windows. Covering timber preservation, profile design, workmanship, glazing, construction, safety, security, weather tightness, performance and operation and strength it is often referred to as the benchmark for manufacturers of timber windows. As our commitment to ensuring these standards are not only met but exceeded our products undergo auditing in accordance with BS644 to receive certification for the standard and to provide the first step on the ladder in achieving certification in the enhanced security and paint application schemes.

Retaining Traditional Design In Conservation Areas - Stick on vs Solid Glazing Bars

Careful consideration should be given to the replacement of any windows in a conservation area. One such consideration and area of debate amongst conservation departments is the glazing bars or astragals as they are sometimes known and if a stick on replica glazing bar should be accepted. This document explores the origins and modern day solutions to the glazing bar and addresses the question should a stick on bar be used in a conservation area?

The New Part Q & What It Means for You

The new Approved Document Q (Security - Dwellings) was recently published and came into effect in England on 1st October 2015, bringing a minimum level of security into new dwellings. This document outline our interpretation of what the implications are for those who are purchasing doors and windows: 1. Do I need to comply? 2. What is the requirement? 3. The ways to comply 4. What to be aware of 5. The costs & consequences 5. Bereco & Part Q compliance

Timber High Performance Windows Certificate

The Bluesky High Performance Timber Window Scheme is designed to raise the bar when it comes to the performance of wooden windows and doors. The Scheme enables us to demonstrate that our windows perform at a much higher level than the standards covered by the Window General Performance Scheme BS644:2012. Bereco are the only timber window and door supplier in the country with membership to voluntary scheme highlighting our commitment and dedication to supplying the very best, high performance wooden windows and doors on the market.

WWA Guide to Replacing Windows In Conservation

The visual character of conservation areas is under threat from unsympathetic replacement windows and doors. In most conservation areas nothing is done to stop the tide of PVC-u replacement windows, while elsewhere Conservation Officers and Building Inspectors argue over the authenticity of single-glazing versus the energy and acoustic efficiency of new high performance wooden windows. This conflict can be resolved by specifying traditionally detailed, high performance timber replacement windows that meet the current Building Regulations while incorporating traditional sight lines. Members of the Wood Window Alliance have combined todays levels of energy-efficiency with authentic materials and historic sections that both Conservation Officers and Building Inspectors can embrace.

Showing 1-28 of 28