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Bauporte Doors UK Ltd.

Bauporte Doors UK Ltd.

Bauporte Design Entrances

+44 (0)20 3411 5023 www.bauporte.com

Bauporte was founded in 1992 by Karel Bouman in the Netherlands. The company quickly identified an opportunity for a business that could design, supply and install bespoke solutions for high specification entrances. Attention to detail, handmade components and precision crafted doors are all traits that Bauporte have continued to preserve. Bauporte has become the leading manufacturer of high specification, high quality doors and entrances worldwide. With a thirst of innovation, Bauporte has been the pioneer of many new products and processes, from the first all-glass revolving door to the world’s tallest. Bauporte continues to constantly invest in expertise and innovation, providing astonishing new designs, including extremely tall, full-glass revolving doors, security doors, custom-made automatic sliding doors and swing doors with in-ground drive units handling weights upto 3000Kg. Bauporte now occupies a unique position in the global entrance market and, no matter the type of entrance, Bauporte either has the solution or will develop one to suit. Bauporte is a specialist in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a full range of bespoke products. Bauporte have extensive experience of working in a wide range of sectors, all with differing requirements for their entrances and doors.

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