BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

Basotect® - The versatile melamine resin foam

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At BASF, they create chemistry for a sustainable future. They combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable their customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. BASF produces Basotect®, a flexible, open-cell foam made of melamine resin. Basotect connect sound absorption with design creativity. Basotect® feature is a unique open cell structure, which absorbs sound to a high level. Thanks to its high degree of design flexibility and dimensional stability, It can be worked into many shapes, opening up a wealth of design possibilities for designers and architects, and because of its low flammability, Basotect® is ideally suited to use in interior design. Sound absorbers made of Basotect® are considered a highly practical solution. For the most part, the decisive factor here is sound treatments that suits how the space is used. Acoustics in buildings and workplaces are undergoing something of a transformation, with the demands made of people, technology, and even rooms and buildings changing all the time.  Basotect® can be easily worked, is very elastic, contains no fibres, can be painted and coloured and is extremely easy to manipulate into desired shapes. 

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  • Basotect
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