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Armatherm, a Brand of Armadillo Noise & Vibration Limited

Armatherm Structural Thermal Breaks

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Armacel - Elastomer Isolation Pad

Moulded from a high neoprene content elastomer ARMACEL pads have been engineered to give excellent isolation while offering good lateral stability. The off set design of the pad allows the elastomer to flow under load there by eliminating any stiffening effect with large area pads.

Armacork Anti Vibration Pad

Armacork is a direct equivalent to Tico S anti vibration cork. The vibration control properties of rubber bonded cork have long been recognised in machine installations. By combining the resilience of the cork with a nitrile elastomeric compound a product has been produced which gives excellent vibration isolation characteristics with the benefit of long term protection against creep and set.

Armacush - Isolation Pad

Armacush 200 is high performing, yet cost effective polyurathane bound rubber granular material developed specifically for structural isolation of ground slabs. A key aspect in this application is a long service life free from creep leading to reduced Isolation performance.

Armadillo Sprung Isolation Dance Floor Pads

Armadillo DFP15 is supplied in ready cut pads with the addition of a self adhesive backing (SAB) for speed of installation. The pads are arranged in a grid formation to support a lattice work of pine wood spas to which a plywood deck can be attached prior to the finished flooring surface. Comprising a granular construction the pads offer a very wide load tolerance therefore the distribution of the pads is not as critical as many other isolation systems. Giving excellent long term creep free performance, the pads are an ideal fit and forget solution to this vital part of a sports facility design.

Armaload Bearing Pad - DLW66 & DLW66XP

Armaload DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are used extensively in standard construction applications, precast and prestressed concrete bridges, buildings and structural steel bearing applications, as well as machinery, equipment foundation, railway tie pads and shock and vibration isolation. DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are made from masticated elastomer which is fully cured and fibre reinforced.

Armatherm 500 - Thermal Break

Armatherm 500 thermal break material is a high strength, thermoset polyurethane manufactured in several densities which can support loads up to 4,000 psi with R values as high as 3.8 per inch which is superior to the properties of aerated concrete and wood blocking.

Armatherm FRR - Structural Thermal Break

Armatherm FRR structural thermal break material provides a combination of low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength and has been used in hundreds of structural steel framing connections transferring load in moment and shear conditions.

Armatherm Structural Thermal Breaks

To prevent cold bridges, Structural Thermal Breaks are becoming a more common requirement in building design. Transferring load through lightweight insulation is a constant problem. Armatherm offers a range of innovative solutions to solve this issue while complying with building codes.

Armatherm Z-Girt - FRR

Armatherm cladding attachments significantly improve wall assembly thermal performance. Armatherm FRR Z Girt, clip and thermal break shims provide a combination of low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength transferring load and reducing heat loss.

Column Base Thermal Break - Armatherm

Steel columns traditionally extend through the building envelope (floor slab) and insulation at their base. In low temperature buildings such as freezer rooms and cold storage facilities, this creates a thermal bridge and point transmittance between the steel column and the foundation. This is also the case for columns which bear on exposed foundation walls.

Foundation to Wall Transition Thermal Break - Armatherm

Foundations are part of a buildings thermal envelope. The intersection at a slab on grade to foundation wall and the exterior wall to foundation transition are both areas where heat flows out of a building due primarily to noncontinuous insulation details.

Machine Levelling Mounts

Machine levelling mounts designed for loads from 125kg to 11,500kg Effective isolation vertically and horizontally. Reduces transmission of noise and vibration Threaded adjustment for accurate levelling Oil resistant neoprene mounting base No ground anchor bolt required Low cost isolation solution

Masonry Shelf Angle Thermal Break - Armatherm

ArmathermTM FRR structural thermal breaks can be used directly behind the masonry shelf angle as a thermal break within the insulating layer signicantly reducing the linear transmittance of the shelf angle. Rigid, metal ashing used as waterproong can then be replaced with a non-conductive, self-adhered membrane.

Parapet / Roof Penetration Load Bearing Thermal Break Pad - Armatherm

The roof is part of the building envelope where penetrations such as davits, anchors and supports for dunnage extend through the thermal envelope and roof insulation creating non-continuous insulation. Armatherm thermal break pads at these locations will improve the U value of the roof assembly and prevent potential condensation problems at the structural connection.

PTFE Slide Bearing

There are many applications in industry where relative movement between two surfaces must be accommodated. These applications call for high load capacity at low speed, meaning self lubricating PTFE is an ideal material to be employed. Armadillo NV have a vast experience in designing and supplying custom made expansion bearings to address this issue.

SCI Certificate for Armatherm

Armatherm FR approval. Certificate referencing the assessment report carried out by the SCI to evaluate Armatherm being suitable for structural steel connections.

Steel Canopy/Balcony Thermal Break - Armatherm

Using a thermal break at these connections will improve the U value of a wall assembly which includes this type of point transmittance. ArmathermTM FRR structural thermal break material is capable of transferring the loading in moment and shear connections without creating significant rotation.

Vibstop - Foundation Isolation

Vibstop isolation material is a specifically designed vibration absorbing medium. Produced as a cost effective solution to foundation isolation. Designed with ease of installation in mind, Vibstop is an excellent medium for controlling high frequency vibration and impact shock inputs to or from machine foundations.

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