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Arjo Bariatric Ceiling Track Hoist - Maxi Sky 1000

Arjo's Maxi Sky® 1000 offers a complete ceiling hoist system specifically designed to facilitate safe and dignified transfers of non-ambulatory bariatric (plus-size) residents and patients. The sophisticated and easy-to-operate system allows a single caregiver to carry out transfers using the handheld control unit without stress or strain, and with no manual lifting. The Maxi Sky 1000 allows safe, comfortable and dignified transfers of bariatric residents and patients. The lift cassette can be installed on a semi-permanent gantry or a permanent ceiling-mounted straight track. There is a comprehensive range of bariatric loop and clip slings, which can be attached to the four-point spreader bar.

Arjo Bariatric Overhead Hoist - Maxi Sky 2 Plus

Using twin lift cassettes mounted on a rotatable trolley, this easy-to-use system enables patients up to 454 kg/1000 lb to be lifted, transferred, turned and repositioned. To simplify for the caregiver, all tasks can be performed with the same spreader bar system. A flexible system for all patients. After a simple switch-over to a single cassette, the ceiling lift system is ready to serve non-bariatric patients as well. In single mode, the system can work as a standard Maxi Sky® 2, utilizing the full range of spreader bars and slings. Maxi Sky® 2 Plus is a cost-efficient solution, as the system can handle a large range of patients.

Arjo Bariatric Room Solutions

Caring for plus size patients is a substantial and increasingly necessary challenge for todays healthcare providers. This is especially so in the hospital environment, where the increasing population of larger patients places considerable pressure on available resources. Very often care facilities lack access to appropriate equipment, processes and training to deliver safe, comfortable and dignified care for this patient population. As a result, the practicalities of care provision can be very daunting for both patients and their caregivers. Having timely access to the right products can help improve dignity, comfort and safety for patients, while improving care processes and subsequent safety and efficiency of caregivers.

Arjo Ceiling Hoist Solutions - Maxi Sky 2 Series

Our Maxi Sky 2 ceiling hoist series delivers a complete and intuitive patient handling solution suitable for both long-term and acute care environments, assisting you in safeguarding the wellbeing of caregivers, patients and residents. Combined with the Arjo KWIKtrak configuration and flexible layout options, the ceiling lift ensures ergonomic patient handling and is an option readily available. Switch and secure spreader bars in just three simple steps using Quick Connect, the intuitive spreader bar attachment system. Once your patient is safely secured, the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) or Powered DPS ensures the positioning and turning of your patient or resident can be effortless and precise.

Arjo Dementia Care Solutions - Centuring Care Around Body and Mind

While caring for a resident with dementia can be incredibly rewarding, the nature of the condition means that as it progresses, many people develop responsive behaviours that can create challenging situations and moments of friction in the care environment. At Arjo, we leverage over 60 years of experience and expertise to create solutions that improve quality of life for residents in long-term care and contribute to higher work satisfaction for carers. We work in partnership with our customers to better understand the evolving challenges and needs of todays long term care environments, and strive to enable care providers to raise the quality of care.

Arjo Flusher Disinfector - Ninjo Bedpan Washer

With its attractive design, easy operation and excellent disinfection performance, Ninjo is a reliable choice to support your infection control routine. Ninjo cleans receptacles with a series of high pressure water cycles delivered through strategically located fixed and rotating nozzles, followed by a thermal steam disinfection phase to achieve effective cleaning and disinfection results.

Arjo Flusher Disinfector - Tornado bedpan washer

Tornado is a high-powered flusher-disinfector with a wide range of standard and optional features to meet your infection control needs. Tornados automated operation features are designed to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination while delivering highly effective cleaning and disinfection results. Support touch-free operation routines with an optional IR sensor or foot pedal to open the door. The disinfection phase can be controlled by time and temperature, or by the chosen A value, while the Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) feature disinfects the entire pipe and nozzle system at the end of each cycle.

Arjo Height Adjustable Reclining Assesited Bath - Parker

The Parker® bath enables an efficient bathing cycle and provides a safe, relaxed bathing environment with maximum benefits for the resident/patient. A range of options, such as an air spa and Sound & Vision, enable you to create a calm, multisensory bathroom environment and the ideal conditions for helping residents/patients of all ages to relax. The complete Parker concept includes integration with a number of active and passive lifts in the Arjo range, to create a comprehensive solution for the bathing cycle.

Arjo Portable Ceiling Hoist System - Maxi Sky 440

Arjo's ultra-light Maxi Sky® 440 is an easy-to-operate portable ceiling lift system that allows a single caregiver to carry out transfers via a handheld control unit, without any stress or strain, and with no manual lifting. As it is easy to manoeuvre and can quickly be attached to a gantry or ceiling track, this portable system can be rapidly set up wherever resident and patient handling is required. The Maxi Sky 440 is the optimum choice for healthcare facilities where flexibility is a high priority.

Arjo Tailored Solutions for Assisted Bathing and Showering

Arjo integrated hygiene & wellness solutions enable you to provide comfortable hygiene and wellness routines that can be tailored to the unique needs of your patients and residents, helping you improve well-being and efficiency in your care environment. Hygiene needs differ significantly across care settings, and need to consider a wide spectrum of physicial and cognitive capabilities of your patient or resident population.

Bathing and Wellness Solutions - Malibu and Sovereign

Malibu® and Sovereign® each feature an integrated transfer chair. Both enable you to make the therapeutic benefits of bathing available to a broad spectrum of residents while reducing the number of transfers required. Malibu and Sovereign are equipped with an integrated transfer chair, and are also compatible with a wide range of Arjo transfer aids and hygiene lifters. This provides comprehensive coverage for the transfer, toileting and bathing of residents in the A to C mobility spectrum. In addition, Sovereigns contoured base is designed for residents with reduced torso strength, offering added support under the thighs and knees.

Bathing Solutions for the Central Bathing Area - System 2000

At Arjo, we believe that bathing should be a safe, calming and sensory experience that promotes well-being and improves quality of life, and should be accessible for residents and patients at any mobility level. Comprising of the Rhapsody and Primo baths aswell as a range of fully integrating transfer aids, System 2000 is designed to facilitate the full hygiene routine with just a single transfer from bed or wheelchair to bath. This facilitates an efficient workflow while providing a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience for patients and residents of all levels of mobility.

Planning and Designing Care Facilities

We have a long history of collaborating closely with architects, healthcare facility executives, safe patient handling experts, residents and relatives. Our experience has taught us that to create efficient care facilities and to obtain a good working environment, the right combination of environment, equipment and care skills are needed. Therefore it is key to design for sufficient space early in the planning of a new facility. Arjo is a collaborative partner in many health care facility projects and we know that it is vital to plan for the right equipment and space from the very beginning in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to last-minute construction variations.

Showering Solutions for Assisted Hygiene Care - Carino, Carendo and Carevo

Arjo showering solutions are designed to reduce the risk of strain or injury for caregivers, while providing comfortable, efficient and dignified hygiene routines for patients and residents. Our range of showering solutions can meet the full spectrum of patient and resident needs. Providing safe, comfortable and dignified assisted hygiene routines is essential for the quality of life of patients and residents in care facilities. However, this is one of the most time-consuming daily care tasks to perform. While it is crucial to improve efficiency for this essential daily routine, this should not be done by compromising the safety and dignity of the patient or resident, nor by putting the caregiver at risk of strain or injury.

Sluice Room Solutions

A well designed sluice room can help combat the risk of cross infection. Using the "4 Cornerstone" principle can effectively ensure that the workflow within this area allow staff to follow a good working practise that has a positive impact within the facility

WRAS certification

Any water fitting, which when installed, will carry or receive water from the public mains water supply in the UK, must comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws. These require that a water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply and must be ‘of an appropriate quality and standard’. A WRAS approval is an easy way to demonstrate compliance for a material or water fitting, other approval schemes are available.

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