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ARDEX A 70 GYPFLO Quick Drying Flowable Calcium Sulphate Screed

ARDEX A 70 GYPFLO Quick Drying Flowable Calcium Sulphate Screed is ready to receive floorcoverings in as little as 14 days and boasts excellent flow properties. Where most Calcium Sulphate screeds take 40 days at 40mm! It's also ideal for underfloor heating.

ARDEX CPD Seminar folder

ARDEX UK is committed to providing RIBA approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars that allow an attendee to improve and broaden their knowledge and skills base within the key construction industry sectors of tiling and flooring. The knowledge gained through an ARDEX CPD Seminar will have a positive impact on an attendee’s ability to specify and implement best practice, leading to more accurate specifications and an increase in the quality of work carried out on-site. All CPD seminars can be delivered at your premises by an experienced member of our team, by completing the seminar booking form or you can access them online as an e-learning course. The choice is yours!

ARDEX Fast Track Floor Screed Brochure

With enhanced performance properties, an ARDEX Ultra Rapid Drying Screed can receive floorcoverings in as little as 4 hours, significantly shortening installation times. As a result, our products have been specified on many time critical projects where minimal disruption and fast turnarounds were essential; including multiple stations on the London Underground and retail outlets such as Selfridges Foodhall, where work can be completed overnight and areas reopened to the public the following morning.

ARDEX Flooring Adhesives Brochure

The ARDEX range of High Performance Flooring Adhesives has been developed and tested to be fully compatible with todays most popular floorcoverings; offering the professional installer unique application benefits and guaranteed long term performance, helping to ensure the perfect installation every time. All ARDEX Flooring Adhesives are designed to work with our complete range of Levelling and Smoothing Compounds in both commercial and domestic environments. All ARDEX Flooring Adhesives meet the requirement guidelines for the EMICODE licence, achieving the lowest possible, or very low emission limits.

ARDEX Global Services Brochure

The Global Project Services (GPS) program focuses on providing architects, designers and engineers assistance in selecting and specifying ARDEX products in various locations worldwide.

ARDEX Natural Stone Tile Brochure

ARDEXs heritage dates back more than 50 years and, as a global manufacturer of high performance speciality building materials, ARDEX has remained at the forefront of the UK tiling and flooring industry. Operating across 50 sites worldwide, it is a premium supplier of products for sub-floor preparation, and the installation and finishing of natural stone. ARDEX products have been specified on many prestigious projects, from the worlds largest shopping mall in Dubai, to Londons most iconic hotel: The Savoy.

ARDEX Solution for Damp Calcium Sulphate Screeds

For calcium sulphate screeds that are measured up to 90% RH, ARDEX can now recommend the use of ARDEX DPM 1 C, prior to the application of ARDITEX NA. This system can dramatically speed up the flooring installation process, helping you create the perfect floor in the shortest time possible.

ARDEX Swimming Pool Brochure

The Experts in Swimming Pool Tile Installation Operating across 50 sites worldwide, ARDEX are the premium supplier of products for the preparation and installation of tiles in swimming pool environments. ARDEX products have been specified on many prestigious projects, from the London Aquatics Centre, to the Royal Commonwealth swimming pool in Edinburgh. Specification Support at Every Stage. When specifying ARDEX you can rely on our expert team for on-going support at every stage of the process, from rapid response to specification writing, to installation visits and on-site testing.

ARDEX Tile Grouts and Silicones

A range of colours & solutions to suit any installation. ARDEX-FLEX Flexible Tile Grouts are available in 35 colours that blend uniformly to ensure a consistent, streak-free finish. They are suitable for commercial and domestic environments, including swimming pools, showers and kitchens.

ARDEX Tiling Guide

This guide contains information on the essential ARDEX productsrequired by the modern, professional tile fixer. Covering: Wall & Floor Preparation Uncoupling Matting Installation Waterproofing Tile Adhesives Tile Grouts Silicones

ARDEX X 325 PTB Thick Bed Tile Adhesive

ARDEX X 325 PTB is our brand-new pourable thick bed tile adhesive thats the ideal all-in-one product for levelling uneven floors and fixing large format floor tiles.

ARDEX X 60 PU FLEX Two-Part Reaction Resin Tile Adhesive

Ideal for fixing all tile types to problematic substrates. ARDEX X 60 PU FLEX is suitable for use in exterior areas, and can also be used on interior substrates sensitive to moisture e.g. particle boards, plywood, plasterboard, gypsum fibre boards, fibre cement boards and plaster slabs.

Fast Track Building Products

ARDEX products have been specified on many prestigious projects, from the worlds largest shopping mall in Dubai, to Selfridges and the London Underground. ARDEX offers a complete system approach for fast track new property builds and refurbishment projects. The system includes rapid drying floor screeds and moisture control systems, that facilitate the early laying of floorcoverings, as well as specialist plasters and tiling products that ensure the perfect finish is created in the shortest of time frames.

Flexible Rapid Setting and Drying Waterproof Protection System

When used prior to tiling, ARDEX WPC creates a waterproof protective coating that guarantees the prevention of water damage to floors and walls, which can cause costly damage to adjacent rooms. - Rapid setting and drying - tile on after 90 minutes - Simple to apply with a roller, paint brush or trowel - Can also be mixed to a slump consistency to fill gaps and plug holes - For domestic and commercial installations - Perfect for wet rooms,power showers and bathrooms, and kitchens - 15 year product guarantee

PanDOMO - Polished Concrete Systems

The PanDOMO® range of systems creates a decorative, seamless and very hard wearing surface for floors, walls and ceilings. PanDOMO® allows all surfaces to be designed with consistency of colour and finish in mind, and offers designs ranging from classical, contemporary, urban and vibrant, or a style truly individualised to match your inspiration and requirement.

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