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ARDEX Completes Another ‘Historic’ Project

The British Museum opened its doors in 1759. Now home to some 8 million works from a number of different cultures, the museum stands as an iconic London attraction. The Museum made the decision in November 2013 to replace the restaurant’s old flooring, as it could no longer handle the vast number of visitors. W B Simpson Ltd, was the chosen tiling contractor to complete the new installation. Marc Poland, Director at W B Simpson Ltd said “The architect consulting on this project specified we use ARDEX UK’s products. Their high performance adhesives are typically the preferred choice of architects.”

British Museum - London

The museum receives 6.7 million visitors per year, many of whom use the Great Court restaurant. A complete refurbishment of the floor was required to handle this highly trafficked area. Products used: ARDEX PSRS, ARDEX A 35, ARDITEX NA, ARDEX X 77, ARDEX-FLEX FL

Butlins Bognor Regis Pool Complex

Butlins has been a firm family favourite for holidaymakers since opening its first resort in 1936. At the heart of their facilities are the swimming pools, which have always been one of the biggest draws for parents and children alike. However, at over 30 years old their Bognor Regis site needed modernisation.

Christopher Wren Church

St Andrew Holborn has stood as a Catholic Church for over 1000 years. Throughout its history it has received several major renovations, but it is most famously known for its late 17th century rebuild by the renowned architect Christopher Wren, who later went on to design one of London’s most recognisable and historic landmarks, St. Paul’s Cathedral. The latest large-scale works date back to the 1950s, and six decades on it was deemed in need of repair again.

Cotswolds Furniture Co

For thirty-one years Bradshaw Flooring have been installing all types of flooring, including hardwood, carpet and decorative vinyl designs, and in 2018 they took on a 750m² refurbishment project for Cotswolds Furniture Co, using a full system of ARDEX products.


As part of a £50million group investment, the prestigious Colchester club needed 3,500m2 of tiling to cover the swimming pools, changing rooms, walkways and reception areas. Products used: ARDEX A 38, ARDEX E 100, ARDEX S 7, ARDEX WPC, ARDEX X 77, ARDEX X 78, ARDEX X 7, ARDEX-FLEX FS, ARDEX-FLEX FL, ARDEX WA

It’s a ‘race to the finish,’ as ARDEX UK complete Commonwealth Games Pool refurbishment in 8 weeks

The 2014 Commonwealth Games’ swimming competition was played out at Tollcross International Swimming Centre. In anticipation of the games, the centre’s facilities underwent a complete refurbishment. Some of the screed below the tiles on the main competition pool floor had separated from the concrete pool tank. The entire floor needed to be re-laid. Glasgow City Council Scott hired, Tilecraft, a specialist tiling works company that delivers high quality tiles, to lay the tiles and specified products from ARDEX UK. A fast track solution which would produce high quality results was needed, and ARDEX UK seemed the logical choice.

King's Cross Railway Station

4,300m2 of screeding, tiling and grouting was installed in the new state-of-the-art ticket hall. Taking advantage of ARDEX’s unique RAPIDRY FORMULA Technology, ARDEX A 35 Screed Cement was laid to 85mm and was ready for tiling in just 24 hours.

London Aquatic Centre - Olympic Pool

866,000 tiles were fixed in the London Aquatics Centre, which formed the gateway to the Olympic Park. Products used: ARDEX WPC Waterproof Protection System, ARDEX S 7 Flexible Waterproof Coating for Floors and Walls, ARDEX S 21 Rapid Hardening Floor Tile Bedding Mortar, ARDEX X 77 MICROTEC Flexible Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive, ARDEX-FLEX FL Rapid Setting Flexible Tile Grout for Wide Joints.


PANDOMO provided the unique subtle character of polished concrete combined with a seamless, hard wearing floor finish. Products used: ARDEX A 38, PANDOMO® Floor, ARDEX R 3 E, ARDEX EP 2000, ARDEX P4, ARDEX K 80

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI)

For over 200 years, the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI), has played a major role in medical education and training in Ireland. Founded in 1784 to train surgeons, today the College provides extensive education and training in the healthcare professions at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Scottish Parliament

Award Winning postmodern styling was achieved with a mix of ARDEX products, including PANDOMO®, helping to make the Scottish Parliament one of the most innovative architectural designs in the UK. Products used: ARDEX P 4, ARDEX P 51, PANDOMO® Wall

St George's Chapel - Westminster Cathedral London

1/2 million tesserae of Venetian glass and gold-faced tiles had to be fi xed to the 120m2 dome vault ceiling and supporting arches. The result was an outstanding mosaic depicting original artwork by the renowned artist Tom Philips CBE RA. Products used: ARDEX AM 100, ARDEX X 7 G, ARDEX E 90, ARDEX-FLEX FS

Thames Lido

Residing alongside the River Thames in Reading is the site of the King’s Meadow swimming pool. It originally opened in 1902 as the Ladies Swimming Baths and is the oldest outdoor public pool from the early Edwardian era in existence. However, over time it fell into a state of disrepair and, following its closure in 1974, has been left unused for over 40 years.

The Old Town Barber Club Dunfermline

PANDOMO LOFT pushed the boundaries of traditional floor design, offering the ability to produce intricate designs, coupled with a hard wearing finish to maintain the impact for years to come. Products used: PANDOMO® LOFT

Showing 1-15 of 15