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Aqualisa is a British company, with a reputation for quality, innovation and service. For over 40 years, the brand has been at the cutting edge of shower design. Ground breaking innovation began back in 1977 with the revolutionary Aqualisa thermostatic valve which changed the British bathroom forever. Since then, Aqualisa has pioneered the digital shower category with the launch of Quartz in 2001. All Aqualisa showers are built to enhance the user experience. Proud of its design and manufacturing heritage, Aqualisa showers are a statement of individual style, while control, reliability and safety features come as standard. Whether your shower requirement is for a new design or refurbishment project, a large housing scheme or a high end, bespoke development, we are confident of a quality, competitive Aqualisa solution. Our experienced Specification team provides end-to-end support to ensure that your project is delivered smoothly and effectively, from initial scoping to completion.

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Trade names

  • Aquajet
  • Aquamixa Thermo
  • Aquarian Thermo
  • Aquaseat
  • Aquastream Thermo
  • Aquastyle Electric
  • Aquatique Thermo
  • Aquavalve Thermo
  • Axis Digital
  • Midas 100
  • Quartz Digital
  • Quartz Thermo