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ANS GrufeKit Green Roof System Product Guide

The ANS GrufeKit living roof kit is a quality modular green roof system, it's simplicity rendering it applicable for self-installation DIY. This guide covers plant choices, installation, accessories, maintenance and advice.

ANS Living Green Wall Product Guide

This guide gives an overview of the ANS Living Wall system from the benefits and explanation of the installation and build up of the facade to design considerations and plant choices.

ANS Living Green Wall Technical Handbook

This handbook takes you through the history and evolution of living walls, along with the benefits of green infrastructure and what living walls offer to environment and public health. Learn about the details of our system and the process from design to installation and maintenance.

ANS Living Wall Facade Installation Build-up Guide

A detailed break-down of the 3 build-ups available with the installation of the ANS Living Green Wall, which can be installed as an addition to a facade or alongside, acting as it's own rainscreen cladding facade system.

Showing 1-6 of 6