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Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Ltd

Powder Coatings for Architectural Aluminium and Metalwork

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Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines

Overview of the best practice steps for the maintenance of powder coated parts to maximise longevity of colour, gloss and corrosion protection properties.

Guidance Note: Anodising vs Powder Coating

Technical comparison of anodised finishes against powder coating equivalents. This document addresses key questions in relation to durability and sustainability, as well as highlighting challenges and pitfalls often associated with anodising.

Hyper- Durable Flurocarbon Powder Coatings- Interpon D3020

Interpon D3020 is a series of hyper-durable powder coatings designed to meet the requirements of AAMA-2605-05, the world’s most demanding architectural specification. AkzoNobel’s Fluorocarbon technology, which uses innovative fluorocarbon polymer chemistry, ensures the system will provide the maximum gloss and colour retention in service. Designed to protect architectural aluminium components Interpon D3020 exploits the recognised benefits of powder coatings to give excellent cosmetic and functional protection. Available in a wide range of colours, metallic effects in the gloss range 30–40% Interpon D3000 is a technically and environmentally benign alternative to liquid PVF2 systems. Interpon D3020 conforms to Qualicoat Class 3 and EN12206.

Interpon D Series EPD

AkzoNobel is the only major global supplier of powder coatings to have the quality of its products verified by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The international EPD system reveals the environmental performance of a product throughout its lifecycle, enabling customers to better understand a products sustainable qualities and ultimately make more informed product selections.

Interpon D1036 Textura

Interpon D1036 Textura, is a hard-wearing, scratch and knock-resistant powder coating, perfect for high-traffic areas. The durable finish disguises imperfections and offers a low maintenance, easy-cleaning solution for public areas. Key benefits include: Low gloss, fine textured finish Hard-wearing, scratch and knock-resistant Perfect for high-traffic areas Wide color range* Approved by all leading quality systems Hides small surface imperfections Maintenance friendly Cost effective - lower curing temperature (from 170°C), so better economically and environmentally

Interpon D2015 Precis

12 ultra-matt powder coating shades providing a natural, non-reflective finish for exterior architectural components. Using ground-breaking technology developed in our polymer center in the UK, this hard wearing powder coating has gloss levels between 7 and 15 (a typical matt is 25), all achieved within a proven superdurable backbone ensuring long term weathering resistance.

Interpon D2525 Anodic Collection

Attractive metallic effect finishes that provide a great alternative to anodised aluminum. Collection Anodic colours are supplied in Interpon D2525 super-durable polyester technology to give long service life. Interpon D2525 meets the demanding weathering requirements of the leading industry specifications Qualicoat class 2, GSB Master, and AAMA 2604, as well as BS EN 12206. Benefits compared with anodising for aluminum include: Easy repair of coating damage during fabrication or installation Tighter control of colour consistency between parts Proven long-term resistance to weathering with extended guarantee Minimal environmental impact

Interpon D2525 Futura Collection- 2018-2021

Range of superdurable special effect powder coating finishes that contain textures, metallics and two-tone colours. Great alternatives to core-ten, copper, patinated copper can be realised. All finishes conform to Qualicoat Class 2 standard.

Interpon D2525 Structura

A range of sleek fine texture effects based on the most popular RAL shades Structura offers a robust coating capabale of hiding a multitude of sins on visible surfaces. Formulated in Interpon D2525, Structura is a superdurable powder coating that offers significantly higher gloss retention and resistance to colour change than standard durability powders. D2525 meets the demanding weathering requirements of the leading industry specifications Qualicoat class 2, GSB Master, and AAMA 2604, as well as BS EN 12206.

Kings Cross R7 Case Study: Pinky + Perky

In-depth overview of the detailed design and material selection of one of London's most unique building facades: Kings Cross R7 aka 'Pinky + Perky'.

On-Site Repair Guide.

Technical guidelines outlining the best practice steps for effective on-site remedial works to damaged powder coating parts. The document details the recommended working methods and paint systems required based on the severity of the damage.

Primers for Mild Steel

Detailed guidance on the most suitable specification for mild steel components. Comparative overview of the technical merits of available primer systems.

Standard Polyester Powder Coating- Interpon D1036

Interpon D1036 is a range of powder coatings intended for use on architectural aluminium and galvanized steel. Available in a wide stock range Interpon D1036 has been specifically formulated without the use of TGIC. As part of the Interpon D series of architectural powders, Interpon D1036 gives excellent exterior durability and colour retention and conforms with the requirements of all the major European architectural finishing standards. All Interpon D1036 powders are lead-free and meet the requirements of GSB, Qualicoat Class 1, EN 12206 and EN13438 (formerly BS6496 and BS6497:1984).

Superdurable Polyester Powder Coatings- Interpon D2525

Interpon D2525 is a series of ultra-durable powder coatings specifically formulated without TGIC, for use on architectural aluminium components. Providing new levels of weathering resistance Interpon D2525 surpasses the performance of leading architectural powders. It offers significantly higher gloss retention and resistance to colour change combined with maximum film integrity to ensure long term cosmetic and functional protection. The Interpon D2525 range was the first to be awarded the prestigious Qualicoat, Class 2 approval for ultra durable powder coatings and conforms to the requirements of EN12206 and EN13438 (high durability systems), GSB Master and AAMA 2604-5.

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