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A Guide to Specifing and Installing Residential Ventilation

Airflow Developments present a brief introduction into the world of ventilation. This handy guide helps you to understand the different acronyms you will come across. Discover the best uses for each ventilation system that can be used in the UK. Understand the minimum flow rates required as per the legislation.

Airflex Pro and Accessories

Discover the full range of Airflow accessories available that will compliment your ventilation unit. Within this document you will see our various ducting solutions, including Airflex Pro. Airflex Pro semi-rigid ducting is the only SAP Appendix Q eligible ducting solution. Thanks to its unique design, you will also gain a zero leakage ducting system. Within the Airflow Accessory Catalogue, you will also see our full ranges of: Rigid and flexible ducting solutions, Sound attenuators, Grilles, Valves, Duct insulation, Switches and Sensors.

Central Extraction

Uncover the Airovent mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) unit. This central extract unit from Airflow provides a choice of continuous, low-cost ventilation. Airovent is ideal for both new and refurbished properties. Airovent has a compact design and can be installed in convenient central locations such as lofts or cupboards. It will help to improve the indoor air quality within any property. Airovent provides low-cost, low-noise continuous ventilation from wet rooms. This will prevent damp and mould developing within the home. Airovent is SAP Appendix Q eligible and complies with all the Building Regulations.There are 8 models in the Airovent range and can extract up to 105 l/s. It is suitable for 125mm ducting and Airflex Pro semi-rigid ducting.

Commercial Fans

Airflow has an extensive range of commercial fans: Aventa 150 - mixed flow fan, Aventa Silent - centrifugal fan, Aventa Turbo - mixed flow fan. The Aventa commercial units are in-line extractor fans. They are able to offer powerful extraction whilst being unnoticeable. The compact design of the Aventa commercial range grants you great installation flexibility. Aventas have high flow/high-pressure development characteristics. This means that use with flexible ducting and flat duct systems is possible. All units within the Aventa commercial range comply with Building Regulations. Aventa Silent supplies up to 283 l/sec whilst being quieter than a human whisper. Refer to the CIBSE guidelines for recommended air changes per hour in non-domestic installations.

Commercial Heat Recovery Units

Airflow has one of widest ranges of commercial mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units available in the UK. Commercial MVHR units reduce the heating bills whilst improving the indoor air quality of the premises. Airflow commercial MVHR units recover up to 95% of otherwise wasted heat energy. This energy is then used to pre-warm the incoming supply air.The entire Airflow commercial MVHR range has BMS integration. There are currently 5 models within the Duplexvent commercial MVHR range: Flexi, Multi, Multi-N, Rotary and Rotary-N. Each model has various mounting positions, granting great installation flexibility. The entire Duplexvent range uses energy efficient EC motors. They also all achieve an "A" ErP Energy Rating and comply with all the relevant Building Regulations

Industrial Fans

Airflow have been producing high quality air movement equipment and industrial fans for nearly 60 years. During the whole of this period Airflow has been in the forefront in developing new techniques and advanced designs. Today the results of this sustained effort can be clearly seen in the variety and quality of products available for all types of industrial air handling requirements. Most of these industrial fans are available ex-stock direct from Airflow, or through our nationwide dealer network. Variants on the standard range can be made to meet specific needs for customers ordering larger quantities. A fan for all applications. Please contact Airflow to discuss your requirements.

Residential Fans

Discover a huge range of domestic fans for every application. Airflow produce a wide range of market leading fans for every wet room. See the wide range of fans that can be used to protect the health of the home and its inhabitants. Airflow produces: The award winning iCON with its unique iris shutter and modular controls. The QuietAir, the quietest fan that meets Installed Performance requirements in the UK. The QuietAir also possesses the Quiet Mark accreditation. The over 1,000,000 selling Loovent The iCONstant - the quietest dMEV fan available that guarantees to deliver installed performance. There is a model in each product range that can be installed in a toilet, bathroom or kitchen. There's an Airflow residential fan for everyone.

Residential Heat Recovery Units

MVHR stands Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. It is the process of recovering and reusing otherwise wasted heat energy in a property. In domestic settings, heat energy is recovered from the extract air via a highly efficient heat exchanger. This heat is then used to pre-warm the incoming supply air. Once warmed the supply air is filtered and supplied around the property. This can help reduce heating bills and improve the energy efficiency of a property. Airflow produces a wide range of whole house domestic MVHR systems. Airflow produces a wide range of whole house domestic MVHR systems. There is a unit to meet every circumstance and many have an A ErP Energy Rating and at least 90% energy recovery.

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