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Lytag is an Aggregate Industries business and benefits from the resources and capabilities of a highly skilled research and development team, as well as the financial and global business strength of its holding company Holcim. Lytag has been supplying Lytag lightweight aggregate for over 40 years and has sold in excess of 16 million tonnes of material. Lytag is made from the fly ash, a by product of coal fired power stations. Our proprietary technology transforms the fly ash into small round pellets, which are then heated to 1,100°C. This creates a very hard pellet with a honeycombed internal structure of interconnecting spaces. These hard pellets can then be used as a superior, consistent, lightweight aggregate which is up to 50% lighter than natural aggregate. Manufactured within the European Union in accordance with EN 13055, the standard for lightweight aggregates, Lytag is widely available within the UK and Europe. Supplies to other parts of the globe can easily be arranged. Due to its particular and varied attributes, Lytag is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

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Trade names

  • Lytacrete
  • Lytafill
  • Lytag 0-14
  • Lytag 0-4 Sand
  • Lytag 0-8
  • Lytag 4-14
  • Lytag 4-8
  • Lytag 8-14
  • Lytag Block
  • Lytag Precast
  • Lytascreed
  • Sportag