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Design Guidance for Lytag Concrete

Section 4 of the LYTAG technical manual covers many of the design aspects of lightweight aggregate concrete. Lytag® lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) is generally designed around BS EN 206-1 Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity, BS 8500-1 Concrete – Complimentary British Standard to BS EN 206-1. Method of specifying and guidance for the specifier.

Geo fill

Due to the rounded particles and the reduced weight of the material, Geo fill® civil engineering bulk fill has a wide number of applications and has been used successfully for many years as backfill and drainage material. Geo fill® is considered for use as an alternative to ‘normal’ weight aggregates in series 500 and 600 of the Specification for Highway Works. Because of the particle shape and porous nature of the Geo fill® material it is free draining, allowing water to pass through rapidly. It also has a relatively high absorption allowing it to soak up excess water quickly, returning it slowly to the surrounding area. Used as a Drainage media, the particle size and shape of Geo fill® gives it excellent hydraulic conductivity properties.

Introduction to Lytag Lightweight Aggregate

Lytag Ltd has been supplying Lytag® lightweight aggregate (LWA) for over 50 years and has sold in excess of 16 million tonnes of material. Manufactured within the European Union in accordance with EN 13055, the standard for lightweight aggregates, Lytag® is widely available within the UK and Europe.The raw material used in the manufacture of Lytag® LWA is fly ash. This is the waste material produced from electricity production in coal-fired power stations. Lytag® lightweight aggregate has a wide number of applications including structural Lightweight concrete, precast concrete, lightweight floor and roof screeds, drainage media (Hortag®), filter media (Aqualyt®), arrestor beds, bulk Fill (Geo fill®), horticultural media (Hortag®) and refractory products.

Lytag - Bagged Aggregates

Lytag supplies bagged lightweight aggregate in nominal 15kg bags, which is equivalent to approximately 25kg of normal weight aggregate. Bags are supplied on pallets containing 60 bags and shrink wrapped. Normally the aggregate size supplied is 4/8mm, however other sizes can be supplied on request.

Lytag - Drainage

The unique properties of Lytag® products allow them to be used in a variety of drainage applications. It is a rounded, manufactured aggregate that does not degrade over time. Placing on site is relatively easy as the material flows into voids and needs little additional compaction, saving time and money.

Lytag - Filtration Media for Aquariums and Garden Ponds

Lytag water filtration media is suitable for all standard aquarium and garden pond filters. The 4mm up to 8mm particle size provides optimal filtration and a good water flow capacity. The core and outer surface of the Lytag particles are very porous in order to support biological activity of bacteria colonisation.

Lytag - Hortag®

Hortag horticultural medium is made by pelletising the pfa. By adding a controlled amount of water in specially designed dish pelletising pans, rounded pellets are formed which are then heated on a sinter strand. The result is a hard, honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids within the aggregate. The particles formed are rounded in shape and range in size from 14mm down to fines; these are processed to the required grading, depending on the final use. Being a wholly manufactured aggregate, made from a waste stream, means that the quantity of PFA being landfilled is reduced and virgin aggregate extraction is reduced. Ideal for application on green roofs and plant potting.

Lytag - lightweight aggregate for structural fill

Lytag lightweight aggregate (LWA) is widely used as a structural fill to raise existing surfaces to achieve new falls or to construct ramps, provide a deep screed within which services may be buried, infill between items such as bridge beams to provide a level surface for the structural deck, formation of architectural, infill for raised access flooring and permeable back fill for retaining walls, bridge abutments.


Lytafill is one of the strongest, recycled bulk fill materials available to the market. Used extensively in highway structures and large civil projects as shown in the completed projects above. Lytafill has densities as low as 800kg/m3 with strengths in excess of 8Mpa. Lytafill reduces hydrostatic pressure on both foundations and structures as its approximately 50% of the weight of quarried aggregate. Due to the aggregates shape minimal compaction is required during placing.

Lytag - LytaLWC Lightweight Concrete

LytaLWC is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of modern construction, whilst overcoming the prime issue of concrete, its weight.

Lytag - LytaScreed Topped

LytaScreed is one of the most versatile screed products available to the UK market. Used extensively within the iconic buildings above providing key design benefits throughout. LytaScreed Topped is comprised of a cement bound Lytag 4/8mm lightweight aggregate base coat with associated 15mm sand cement topping installed in a two phase operation. This creates a semi-dry floor screed that is suitable for all sensitive floor coverings in as little as five days and is up to 40% lighter than traditional screeding methods.

Lytag - LytaScreed Untopped

LytaScreed Base is one of the most versatile screed products available to the UK market. Used extensively within the iconic buildings above providing key design benefits throughout. LytaScreed Base is comprised of cement bound Lytag 4/8mm lightweight aggregate, creating a semi-dry floor screed that is suitable for nonsensitive floor coverings in as little as 72 hours, and is up to 50% lighter than traditional screeding methods. LytaScreed Base requires the final floor coverings to be over 14mm thick.

Lytag - Manufacturer of LWAC using Lytag

Lytag lightweight aggregate (LWA) is specifically designed and manufactured to meet all the requirements of modern construction practice, whilst overcoming the prime disadvantage of concrete - its weight. Structural concrete, with compressive strengths in excess of 60 MPa can be produced with an effective reduction in dead load of approximately 25% over normal weight concrete. This means that considerable savings can be made in foundation and reinforcement costs. In addition, column, beam and slab sizes can be reduced thus saving in overall concrete volume and giving wider opportunities in design.

Lytag - Precast Concrete

Lytag lightweight aggregate is used extensively in a variety of precast products. Giving added benefits in handling, coupled with the performance of normal weight aggregate concrete makes Lytag the natural alternative.

Lytag - Rapid Drying Lightweight Screeds

Many locations require a lightweight screed mix that dries and hardens more rapidly than ordinary sand:cement mixes so that floorings can far be installed as soon as possible. Lytag and Ardex UK limited have combined their technical resources to provide a lightweight rapid drying and hardening screed using Ardurapid 35 cement so that resilient and other floorings can be applied 24 hours after screed installation. A brief outline of the application details is given below. Please note that full technical data on Ardurapid 35 cement, and guidance on its use with Lytag, can be obtained from Ardex UK Limited.

Lytag - Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete

Developments in admixture technology, especially in self-compacting admixtures, have now made Self-Compacting Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (SCLWAC) possible with coarse and fine Lytag aggregate. Due to the continuous grading and high fines content of the 0/4mm fine Lytag, when it is combined with Lytag coarse aggregate and cement an excellent, even grading curve results. With no gap in the grading between the aggregate and cement, this makes it ideal for SCLWAC. This allows contractors or precast concrete manufactures to get all the benefits of Self Compacting Concrete like ease of placing without vibration and noise, filling around very congested reinforcing, while giving the designer the benefits of reduced concrete density.

Lytag - Sportag

Due to the rounded shape and material properties, Sportag gives excellent hydraulic conductivity and is used in the construction of golf courses including slit trenches, gravel banding and Shelton Systems. Sportag on sports pitches is excellent for open trenching, turf slitting and granular back fill. Water dispersion of 2.3lts/hr - 10 times faster than crushed aggregates Sportag has a density of 800kg/m3 High absorption up to 20% of its own weight Retains moisture reducing drought stress in hot, dry weather.

Lytag LWA Roof and Floor Screeds

Lytag® LWA screeds have been specified for, and included in, a variety of high profile projects. Their distinct and specific advantages have been utilised in many types of buildings, ranging from prestigious commercial and civic developments to schools, hospitals and airport terminals. Among the benefits of using Lytag® no fines screeds are, a 50% reduction in weight of the no fines screed, a low shrinkage basecoat with no restriction on depth or bay sizes, improved thermal and sound insulation properties. When used as a lightweight screed on roofs it can easily form falls, and with no restriction on depth is ideal.

Mix Design for Lytag

These mixes are typically used where low density concrete is required. Weight savings of 25% over normal weight concrete can readily be achieved. This can lead to considerable cost savings, as concrete section sizes, foundations, and other structural members can be reduced in size or number.

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