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Aeromix Flowing Insulation

Aeromix Flowing Insulation

Market Leading EPS Flowing Insulation 0.037W/mk

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Aeromix is market leading innovative pumped floor insulation system that can be used in residential or commercial builds. It has an insulation value of 0.037 W/mK u,i. and is certified by

European Assessment ETA 21/0579 of 19/10/2021

Composite insulation layer that consists of a mixture of 3 different components. It is known in the industry as the best insulating EPS flooring on the market.

"We create high quality materials for innovative sustainable insulation solutions that ignite current & future generations to thrive.

Aeromix has a proven formula with 5 years proven success in Europe now with Pump-able EPS reaching more the 60% of Europes flooring Insulation .

Aeromix is made up of three components

-AeroBead (EPS based)



Vertical integration

All our products originate from a waste raw material that we transform in a highly performing finished product.

Superior products

Our products outperform on technical, ecological, operational and economical field to create a better solutions for the industry.

Trustworthy distribution network

We only work with authorised distributors and installers that are highly experienced and trained in our field.

Features and benefits:

  • Cement bound.
  • Allows floor chambers/ unevenness to be removed from all subfloors.
  • Allows under floor heating to be more efficient and cost effective.
  • Over a 1000 m² installed can be installed in a day.
  • Available in 155 KPA, 200 KPA or 300 KPA versions.
  • 30 mm minimal installation.
  • No drying expansion.
  • No risk of contamination.
  • No waste.
  • No thermal gaps (loss of heat).
  • UKCA marked.
  • European Technical Assessment ETA-21/0579 Of 19/10/2021.
  • 80kgsCo2 per M3
  • Full Floor Completion 7 days


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Aeromix Flowing Insulation - Liquid Insulation

Aeromix Flowing Insulation - Liquid Insulation

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Aeromix Data sheet

Aeromix Data sheet

Aeromix Booklet

Aeromix Booklet

Aeromix Ground Bearing Slab

Aeromix Ground Bearing Slab

Information pack

Information pack

Trade names

  • liquid
  • insulation
  • flowing
  • aeromix
  • lambda
  • uvalue
  • thermal
  • construction
  • flooring
  • floor
  • concrete
  • slab
  • airtight
  • eota
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