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Accurate, Detailed and Easy to Use 3D City Models for Architects and Planners.

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AccuCities®  is a specialist 3D city modelling agency. We capture photogrammetric 3D city models of the as-built environment, both in CAD solid and Textured formats, providing accurate and detailed 3D Models of London and other UK cities for architects and planners.

Accurate & affordable, context 3D City models can be purchased in a variety of levels of detail in AutoCad, SketchUp or FBX formats.

3D City Models library

We capture and manage a library of 3D city models for our customers, mostly architects and building consultants.

Custom 3D city models

We capture custom 3D context models anywhere in the UK with an average 5 days delivery.

3D Context Models

3D city models Case Studies

A list of 10 interesting 3D City Models User Case Studies by architects, planners and urban developers.

3D City Models Case Studies

Urban Planning in UE4


Trade names

  • AccuCities®
  • Plan.City