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Accessible Storage Solutions By Rackline

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Filestation Brochure

Low Level Mobile Shelving System, ideal for the office envviroment

Low Level Storage Product Brochure

The Low Level brochure highlights our range of products designed to fit within open plan offices whether it be office or educational environments. The Low Level range includes Filestation which a low level mobile system, that can sit within the office environment due to its unique track system that fits directly onto the floor. Filestation works well within a desking system or standalone to provide partitioning and sit/stand areas. The Spin system is a low level rotary unit which stores files on both sides and has two sides that lock. The Slide to Side Storage system Lowtrak allows fast access whilst maintaining the maximum capacity.

Office Brochure highlighting a portfolio of products

The Office Brochure highlights our range of products from static and mobile shelving and racking, rotary units, low level units , cabinets and lockers. The products are shown how they can be used in different environments.

Pirouette Rotary Storage Brochure

Pirouette Rotary Storage units are designed to maximise storage within a given area. The units are designed with two sides of open stoage that can accommodate up to 6 four drawer filing cabinets. A range of heights and accessories are available.

Product Brochure - shelving, racking, mobile, rotary products

When it comes to innovative storage solutions, Rackline have a whole host of options for you. With almost 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steel storage, we are one of the UK’s leading shelving and filing solutions providers. Our headquarters, manufacturing and showroom facilities are based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, with a combined workforce of over 70 people.

Rackline Mobile Storage Brochure

Rackline introduce a range of mobile shelving products designed to work in any environment. The unique Monotrak system sits directly onto the floor without the need for a false floor and without trip hazards in the aisle. The Multitrak system allows the storage of heavier items with long mobile bases and tall shelving. Additionally, powered mobiles are offered with either simple functionality or highly sophisticated technology.

Static Shelving System Brochures

Rackline offer a range of static shelving system designed for a range of environments. Profile shelving for general storage. Proform double sided shelving for libraries and museums. Prospan shelving for large and/or bulkier items. All products are available in a wide range of sizes with optional accessories.

Showing 1-20 of 20