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HMP Berwyn, One of the Largest Prison in Europe Choose Rackline for their Storage

As the UKs largest prison, the storage of such a large amount of prisoner records and property boxes was of great importance. To achieve this capacity Rackline utilised mobile shelving in both areas and for the prisoner property boxes designed a 1450mm wide shelf to accommodate two boxes in the width. Alun Johnson, Head of House commented, ‘The advantages of the Rackline storage system are that it maximises the storage potential of the area. Without this type of racking we would not be able to store the volume of Records or property boxes in the areas identified for this purpose.’

PEP&CO Storage More With Rackline

Rackline amongst others were invited to view their existing site and audit their existing shelving system. Rackline noted that they had 54 linear metres of hanging and on shelf storage and the brief was to maximise the new area as much as possible. In the new area Rackline provided 85 bays of Profile shelving, 12 bays providing 92.40 linear metres for on shelf storage and 158.40 linear metres for hanging garment storage. The finishing touch was Lime Green End Panels to suite into the company colours.

Rackline becomes part of the scenery at Bristol Old Vic

Rackline was approached by Bristol Old Vic to design a high-density storage solution for their records and marketing material which was to be stored within an allocated area for storage by the theatre. Rackline installed 34 bays of Profile adjustable shelving mounted onto Monotrak mobile bases, the system is lockable to accommodate an amount of confidential records. By using the Monotrak mobile system, the tracks could be placed onto the existing floor without the need for an infill floor or tracks in the aisles. The high-density system achieved a 50% increase in storage capacity when compared to traditional static shelving.

Rackline discover the solution - The Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum in Newcastle Upon Tyne is a major museum in the North East region. Its Collections which include items as diverse as submarines to animal heads ably demonstrates the rich historical culture of the area. Rackline team installed systems in 13 galleries, including 250 bays of proform shelving, 150 bays of Prospan post shelving and 145 bays of Maxispan, plus specialized shelving units, including: cantilever shelving, plan chests and overheight sliding doors. Shelving was mounted onto Multitrak bases wherever possible to maximise the capacity in most storage areas and where this wasn't possible fixed shelving was used.

The National Oceanography Centre Southampton choose a Powered Storage System

The Ocean and Earth Science wanted to upgrade and enhance their largest teaching laboratory to give their students a more inclusive innovative environment that supported the University’s ethos for teaching excellence. The client and architect – HNW Architects were introduced to the concept of powered mobile shelving and felt this solution would be the most effective for the area. Not only is it the most space efficient way of storing it also offers a smooth open and close system and is very practical with students who are often carrying trays containing materials

Victoria and Albert Museum, The Clothworkers' Centre for the Study and Conservation of Textiles and Fashion

Rackine after successfully tendering, designed, manufactured and installed a truly bespoke storage solution. The design incorporated nearly 7000 drawers in six different sizes to house everything from dress fabrics to religious robes, handbags to walking sticks, and embroidery to underwear, hanging garment storage, locations for 1280 large rolled textiles up to 6 metres long and twice as many small rolled objects. The solution required a light weight system to be designed which still needed to have the capability to be almost 4 metres tall, up to 1.6 metres deep and accommodate drawers up to 2 metres wide.

West College Scotland

Rackline installed Proform static shelving, many individual bays to allow the units to fit around the curve in the room. The bays were designed in different heights and widths to suit the overall layout of the library. The finish was Pure White and we also included decorative tops on the lower level bays to ensure a finished appearance. The college had an essential installation date in mid August which we were able to accommodate.

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