Windstopper Extreme; Fire reisistant /sheathing/partition board

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Windstopper Extreme; Fire reisistant /sheathing/partition board

by Cembrit Ltd

A2-s1-d0 fire rated sheathing board; Cembrit Windstopper Extreme is a vapour permeable cement based building board, which can accept insulation being placed against the board on the warm side of the building, whilst acting as a fire break against any blaze in the ventilation cavity behind the rainscreen. Cembrit Windstopper Extreme has been tested to BS EN 1364-1:2015 (BS 476-22:1987). As part of a non-load bearing vertical building element it will provide 120/120 minutes of fire resistance when exposed to fire from one side and can be exposed the external conditions for up to 12 months with no breather membrane required.

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