Welded Mesh SR1 Fence

Technical data sheet

Welded Mesh SR1 Fence

by Heras

The Zenith SR1 mesh panel fence is a strong and flexible perimeter protection solution. The fence provides effective anti-climb protection with tightly configured mesh (76.2 x 12.7 mm) preventing toe or finger holds. The strong steel mesh panel is SR1 rated to resist continuous forced entry attempts with a standard intruder toolset (knives, pliers and screwdrivers) for at least 1 minute. The mesh panels are securely attached to the posts with a flat bar and M8 bolts (with form G washer and nut). An extra option is to have the mesh buried 300 mm in the ground to prevent intruders tunnelling under the fence (this option is not available if fence posts are mounted on a base plate at ground level).

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